Gay. What does that word really mean? In the dictionary the correct definition is happy and those that like the same-sex partners. Many people have problems with the word gay. Some can’t deal with people who are gay. Two of the reasons why is because it has been used in the bible and by people who are discriminative. These people feel that they are superior and have used the word gay in a negative way. It’s a shame how much we still have left to learn and grow. It is ridiculous when people feel that they have the right to judge those that are gay because they are not considered to be “normal.’’ YEAH RIGHT! Whoever gave people in this world the right to judge when they should look in their own glass houses and start by cleaning their personal baggage. We have so much negativity in us and our outlook is so dark. The bible was written by man. Who made them our authority? Who told them what was acceptable and what wasn’t? Not the Higher Power for sure. From where I stand I was taught that the Higher Power loved all his children no matter what. No matter what they were or who they were. 


 [ The Higher Power forgives us all from the moment you are dying. The Higher Power forgave all those pedophiles and killers. That is something I had a problem with at one point in time. However, learning from the Spiritual World I realized that the Higher Power forgives them but that doesn’t mean that this person will enter into the light. For that person has a long way to go before going there and will have so many journeys to deal with. Everybody pays one way or another. They don’t go to hell because hell doesn’t exist. There are different levels that we go to depending on how you choose to fulfill that life that was given to you and what you did with it. ]


Now let’s go back to the word Gay. Everyone has the right to live their life the way they choose to as long as they are not hurting anyone. One might say, ‘but they are hurting their family and friends,’ and I’d say to you all, ‘no they are not!’ If family or friends choose not to accept them because they are Gay that is not their fault, the fault is of the people that do not accept them. How many of you are crippled within yourselves? How many of you how chosen to ignore what has been given to you? Can you help being Black, White, Hispanic, etc.? Of course not, that is who you are. Just like being Gay is normal. Love comes in so many shades and colors. There are many different  people and that is what makes it so great and wonderful. Everyone has it hard in this life whether you are straight or gay, why add more to it? There is so much foolishness, anger, and pain in this world. Why add more? Why can’t you accept that they are human beings for that is what they are? They just want to live a normal life just like we do. Love is not critical, love does not condemn, love does not choose who you should love. Heterosexual people think that they are so righteous and they are not at all. No one gave you the power to judge. Their are so much more horrible things happening in the world that we waste our time in judging what others should or shouldn’t be.


Let me tell you a story, one day a student of mine came to see me and she had just found out her son was gay. Both of the parents were devastated and cried so much and the word they used was, ‘WHY? WHY? Where did I go wrong?’ My question to them was, ‘Why not you? Why blame yourself? Are you serious? Please! That’s who he is, no more no less. Get over it! He is your son and will continue to be your son.’ I thought something horrible had happened to their son because of the intensity of their concern. They acted like their world was going to end. They were concerned with fixing the “problem,” but I told them that this is not a problem at all. They are the problem, their son is just fine. Of course they yelled and where angry. I asked him, ‘Do you expect me to feel sorry for you or feel sympathy? Hell No! There is nothing wrong with him at all... Hello!? Now do you want to know how to deal with this new positive situation and the impact in your new journey? If so, let’s start we have no time to waste.’ Before you knew it, they got to accept their son and love him for who he is. For god sake this is a person who hurts, cry, feel, loves just like we do. It doesn’t make them different from us. Please, come on now! What people choose to do behind doors is their business not yours or mine. As long as they are not abusing a child but this goes for all of us gay or straight. I have had gay friends all of my life and my children were brought up with them. They were part of our life like any other human being. I loved them and some I have lost either to cancer, aids, or accidents and I have shed tears for all of them. We can’t raise our children to feel hate or anger towards people who are different. This is why there is so many bullying in the schools because children copy and listen to what their parents say and do. We ask parents to take a look at themselves and see where their children are learning these things. As an adult there are people I have meet from all different races and sometimes I might not like them but it has nothing to do with who they are. I am here to help those that choose to get help no matter what. A parent loves their child unconditionally and vice versa. A parent that has a child who hurts or kills others will still love that child unconditionally. 


When HIV/Aids came out they blamed Gay people for it but it wasn’t their fault. A group of scientists originally created this illness and purposely released it out into the world. it also infected heterosexuals.There are many things that we don’t see or do not allow ourselves to see. The word freedom was meant for everyone. Some of us choose to fight and hurt someone for being different, this pisses me off.  They do this because they don’t understand and this is how war is made. Now it’s okay for gay people to go fight as long as they don’t say they are gay. Give me a break, please! What a messed up country,  just because they are gay doesn’t mean they can’t fight wars. Why should they be ashamed of saying, ‘hello I’m gay!’ The higher ups who make these rules are assholes. The government itself has many gay people hiding in the closet. That is so funny to me . They make these rules or they allow someone else to but they still agree to it. To only think that there are no homosexuals in the government and that gay men and women have not served their country in generations of wars... you’ve got to be kidding. For there were so many who served this country and died for it. Many were honored for their braveness even if the world didn’t know they were gay. (YEAH RIGHT!!!). Some hide what they are and hate feeling that they are gay and so they hurt others who are open about it. Some are just afraid of being who they were meant to be and that is a shame. 


There are those who are open about it and I humble myself to them. I applaud them for being who they are and for knowing what really matters. It is important that they are happy with their lives and that they are not afraid to stand up for what and who they are. They should never be afraid to stand up for what they believe within themselves and say Out Loud: 'THIS IS WHO I AM! YEAH!'