Everyone talks about the universe and all messages we can send out there so that the universe will make it come true, but in reality, the only person that can make it happen is you. We forget how strong and powerful we are. We throw our energies out towards the universe so it can make things happen, but we forget that the negative also sends energy to the universe and we need to be careful. Why is it that we forget how strong and powerful we are? Why do we forget that we are the ones that can make things happen? When we know that we can blame something or someone else for making these things happen we hold on to that. If things don’t work out than we have something or someone to blame and we take no responsibility of our own. The universe is another place to put that responsibility on. Wake up! You are the only one that can make it happen. The Higher Power gave you the ability to do it. Try not to forget that the Higher Power gave you the courage and the wisdom to make things happen for yourself. Nothing more and nothing less. Take control of your life and believe that you can do it. Don’t sell yourself short. Take a look at your life and make a change because you chose to not because the universe is giving you something you asked for when in reality what you may be receiving is a negative answer. It’s not just the positive that flows out there, but the negative as well. Count on yourself; you are the one that makes things happen. The Higher Power allows you to make the choices so that you may learn and grow from them. Everything is in your hands. Even if some of you might not believe in the Higher Power but believe in something else, that is fine. Always remember that no matter what, you still got the power and the strength to make things happen; Not the universe. 

These are some of the things you can do if you chose to, it can be any or all of them.

1. Write your agenda 

2. Keep it private

3. Hang it up on your wall

4. Or put it between your mattress

5. And keep it in your mind and heart

It’s not difficult, we make it difficult. Things are simple and we chose to do things the difficult way. The universe is connected to the world. Hello! We hold on to the world too much and not to ourselves. For you are the universe. You always have been from the moment you entered this earth. You are all special human beings, you just don’t realize or recognize it. That in itself is a shame because you don’t see it. Nothing or no one should ever have control over you. Not a book, nor a church, or people, family, spouse, children, friends.