Have you ever felt that there are times where things just don’t work out for you? No matter how much you try you just keep getting frustrated with yourself and the situation. Sometimes we have to realize that it just wasn’t meant to be. No matter how hard we try we must learn to let it go even though it isn’t easy. But the more you stay stuck there, the more you lose yourself. Why would you do that to yourself? How much is it worth? Enough to allow yourself to become nothing? Letting go of anything is hard but that is what life gives us and we all pay the price one way or another. It happens to everyone in the world. No one is left behind.


We think we are the only ones that go through pain, sorrow, death, break-ups, failures, mental and physical abuse, feelings within ourselves of worthlessness, low self-esteem, and no confidence. I don’t care how big you are in the world you know that there are moments you need to check in for you are more lost than anyone in the world.


Even those that feel they are the little people go through this. We all need to find ourselves again and start looking within. This is something no one wants to do for they think they know it all or they just don’t care. Nothing is wrong with them but they are hard-headed. They allow pride and ego to get in the way and listen to people who need help themselves. Many of the people in this world suffer from some kind of illness especially anxiety and depression. This is what our youth has to look forward to.


I have more young students that suffer from anxiety and depress than adults. What about the children that are being born every second? What do they have to look forward to? Some people might say, ‘hey I just worry about my own, let their parents worry about their own.’ But they are our children and I want the best for their future. However, as I see it they are going to get the short end of the stick. Everyone is so selfish and greedy; it’s always about you. What a fucked up world we live in, right? 


Be aware for what we put in is what we get back, remember that. I see kids selling drugs, just hanging out on the streets, and dropping out of school. I see these young girls that get pregnant, use drugs, and haven’t had a chance to enjoy their lives. It’s scary seeing children raise children and hanging out on the streets with their little ones. 


Yes, we could ask, ‘where are the parents?’ But some of these parents are working two jobs just to provide shelter, food, and clothing. Children need more than just that. They need love, understanding, compassion, support, and someone to listen to them. This is something money cannot buy. We need to take a look at our children and see what they are doing. That doesn’t take much time to do. Don’t allow them to destroy themselves. No one says it’s easy for those parents that try but their child is already involved in the negative and likes being there.


They choose to stay there no matter what you do or say. But lets help those that have the possibility of getting out. I am not saying give up on your children just do the best you can. Those that choose to stay in the negative will end up dead or in jail. Or hopefully they’ll gain knowledge and wisdom while they’re locked up. We could only hope and pray that before it’s too late they open their eyes.


I see how women have lost the meaning of being a mother and allowed the world to ruin their lives. It’s hard enough being in a man’s world but what we choose not to see is that we don’t need to be in a man’s world. Why would we want to? Look at what they have done to the world. They have created chaos, killed children, women, and raped their country. I don’t want to be involved in that world at all. Look at what they are doing to our planet and then they blame us. You see I have enough of a hard time being a person, woman, mother, doctor, therapist, cleaning lady, and counselor. The extra jobs that come with it is a hand full. The majority of us stay raising our children and we end up being both parents, come on now.


We as women are very powerful and strong we just don’t give ourselves enough credit. Why is that? You allowed a bunch of women to tell you that you can be in a man’s world. Many forgot to realize that they were powerful from the beginning and now they have lost themselves in that man’s world. The only difference is that women are now very aggressive but that is another story.


Everyday in life we make decisions and we hope that the one we choose is the right one. When we have our eyes open and allow ourselves to see the truth then and only then can we set ourselves free from what holds us back. I see how celebrity kids are and believe me when I say that it’s not just our children but all children. Every child is trying to find their own place in this world for everyone wants to belong.


Pride and ego keeps parents from noticing their children yelling out for help. As simple as children that are born with learning disabilities and the parents won’t acknowledge it because it means they have a stupid child. Or they are too afraid and ashamed to admit there is a problem. Those reasons don’t make sense to me at all but it happens, that’s reality. In the end these children suffer the consequences.


There are so many things parents don’t allow themselves to see because it just scares them. But we need to open our eyes so that we are able to help our children.  As a parent I look at my children and hope I am doing the best I can. For there will be lots of struggles especially when they hit that great age, puberty. I call it change of life. Only time will tell the results. I have three children that I have already raised and they turned out great. Now I have three other children so those results will come later in life. Nothing is guaranteed. I believe in trying and never ever giving up, no matter what.


I also believe in this: everything must change for nothing stays the same. Everyone changes, the young becomes the old. For no one goes unchanged. The only thing that stays the same is the sunlight, rain, clouds, spring, and death. Everything is possible but it’s up to you to make it happen. 

I want to be more than what I am today
— Guru Enlightment