We all become something we are not. Everything is meant to change but we choose not to because we don’t allow ourselves to take that chance. For love never asks why, it only speaks from the heart. For all we see are the faces of sadness, pain, hurt, rejection, tears and anger, that is something we can not avoid. We all feed into those negative feelings because we feel we are not worth it. We punish ourselves because we feel guilty within our own lives for the things we have done.

We become something we are not because of the way we were raised and how we are taught to see things, believing in what we must. We are not able to see because we don’t have the freedom to do so. We end up fighting with ourselves out of frustration. We think that’s all we have because that is what was given to us. Believing in just one way is sad because we don’t want to learn and grow and realize there is more than what we see. Our lives are filled with so much magic, beauty, and excitement from our journeys and the unknown which is something that we all need.

Finding out who we are and what we are helps us determine the person we are meant to be. Love plays a big part of it because without love within ourselves we can’t grow and learn. We never ever give ourselves a chance to begin with. We have lied to ourselves and run with it. We choose to stay with pain, hurt, misery, anger, frustration, hatred, and emptiness and we don’t allow ourselves to be set free from all those negative feelings. That haunts you because it gives you purpose to start strong in a negative way. We can’t prevent loss, pain, and hurt. No matter how much we try it is what it is, it’s part of life and growing up. All we can do is try to understand ourselves and allow ourselves to grow by finding out who we are and what we are.

Does that mean if we do that our pain and our hurt will be less? Perhaps, once we understand ourselves things become clearer to us and we look at it the way it should be looked at. When we love ourselves, doors start opening up for us. Give yourself the chance to get to know who you are and what you are worth as a person. Love gives you an understanding of the person you are meant to become. Once you feel that love for yourself you will find those answers you are seeking for!

You might ask, “why do we need love to uncover ourselves?” My answer to you is, because love brings power, strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, truth, understanding, and compassion within you. Everything starts with you. Can you see that? Everybody looks for what they want in another human being and that’s why we get lost. We expect for them to fulfill what is missing in us. It doesn’t work that way though we all wish it did. We start losing ourselves in that person and we forget about our own value and purpose. We have allowed society to tell us what it is that we are supposed to find and in who we should look but society never teaches us that it is already in ourselves. They teach us that our answers are out there in the universe within other people but they never tell you that all your answers are within you since you entered into this world. Somewhere along the way we gave too much credit to this world and not enough to ourselves. We forgot our own values or chose not to remember them. In every generation it disappears more and more each time.

How much more do we allow ourselves to continue to play a fool in this world? We all become something we are not. We all have a purpose to love and feel peace and feel so much more. We all feel that it is impossible but it’s not. I tell you this, nothing is impossible. You just need to realize it and wake up, nothing is impossible.

You have to want it. It starts with you first and the rest will take care of itself. Learn how to reach that level and many more others so you can become the person you were meant to be. Find yourself so you can become so much happier and rich within your own happiness.