Be What You Are Meant To Be

What’s wrong with wanting to be more than what you are? The problem is not wanting to be more than what you are, the problem is whether you are doing it for the world or for yourself.


There are people who do it for the world because they are looking for approval. They don’t realize how important they are or how they give their power to the world. For they let the world rule their lives. One could disagree but you have to be completely honest with yourself to see which is hard to do because you spend your lives lying to yourselves already. You do it so well that it is hard to see the difference or recognize what is the truth and what is the lie. It’s all about money and power which you work so hard for.


You have the house, the car, and the very best because that shows how much you have reached. So the world can say you’ve done it. “You’re one of us now,” and “watch out for the haters that will come your way.” The world will say, “send them to hell. What do they know? Shit, I earned this. They are just jealous.”  


I have met all sorts of people and when I see people who live for the world I see that they are the most unhappiest people. Though they cover it with their fears and insecurities within themselves. Just because a person has everything or is rich does not mean that they don’t have their own skeletons of negativity or that they aren’t unhappy. Why do you want to be there? No one is satisfied with their lives, everyone pretends.


Whether they are rich or poor, everyone thinks it is always about money and power. They believe that the rich have it easy. Believe me when I say they don’t. I have met a great deal of them. You only see what they want you to see.


Everyone pretends because they can’t allow themselves to be who they are.  Whether you are rich or poor everyone wants the American dream. Something I don’t need in my life. You can’t take the American dream with you after you pass because it is only for the world.

What I want to take with me is what I have learned in this lifetime and the wisdom and knowledge I have gained here. What I have learned about are these things that has made me stronger, courageous, and humble. I have learned love, peace, patience, understanding, forgiveness, compassion, joy, laughter, sadness, hurt, pain, rejection, fear, death, friends, family, children, society, the world, people who have come into my life for whatever purpose and time. I will take more than what I came with.


That to me is powerful and worth more than money and what the world has given. Nothing last forever and it’s not a bad thing. It just means there is more to come in our journeys here on earth. If we allow ourselves to see this then we know that we have gained so much in our lives. It is about us noticing it, not anyone else.


We still think it is about how far we can go in this world. This world knows how to give it to you and how to take it all back. They hold the strings because we are still puppets. For they run your lives but all you see is that if you don’t have that American dream you are nothing and worth nothing. The poor get treated like they have a disease and have no chance in this world because they feel like they can’t get out of where they are.


Who’s fault is that? Theirs? Why? Because no one gives a shit about them in the first place. I see it all over the world. Everyone is about themselves. The hell with that but be aware time is ticking and we are not too far away from the poor. No one is invincible.


I want to be more than what I am and I want to continue growing and learning but not by the world. By the spiritual world for it sets you free from this world. I choose to live in peace and comfort within me. I know the world is just an illusion that has been created by man to destroy the best that is there to see and the beauty that holds so much wonder and so many secrets in the universe.


The knowledge that is not held by man but by self. We still don’t give ourselves enough credit at all. We think we are bound to this world and we are not. The world that we are bound to is the one we all came from. We just live here in borrowed time. We came here to learn, grow, and prepare but you’re not ready. Hopefully, in time you will be and when that happens your eyes will open up and your hearing will be much better to gain wisdom and knowledge. Everyones time does come one way or another. Some people will hide in religion while others will turn to cults. They will hide from the person they were might to be and hiding from the freedom of not belonging to anything in this world. Think about this if we all come from a high source whatever God you believe in, which to me doesn’t matter, but if you come from that God whether it’s a she or he, doesn’t that make you powerful if everyone says that is your father?


If you have two genius’s giving birth to a child, that child becomes a genius too.  How we choose to use our power and our gifts is up to us. Many will use it for negative. You have it in you to be who you were might to be but again that is your choice like anything in your life. You have the power to make a difference in you first before you can make it out there. Don’t let this world and society blind you from your journey and what you are meant to be.


Let’s stop hiding behind that jail cell that we build to protect ourselves and keep using as an excuse to go farther within our lives. Get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to see what is there. Do not be afraid of learning, growing, and waking up. Face that person in the mirror and know that everything is possible if only we give ourselves that opportunity. It is always and will always be up to us.

Allow yourself to gain Knowledge and wisdom
— Guru Enlightment


Everyone looks for someone to approve of them yet they never realize that the only approval they need is their own. One feels that without that approval they don’t know if they can accomplish their dreams and goals. The scary thing about this is that the person that might give you that approval might not care at all. That’s something we have to look at. We do have friends that carry jealousy within them, even though they might love us and want the best for us, it doesn't mean they are not human. Though they might not mean to they still harbor these feelings. I let people know how I really feel especially because I want them to have a positive journey. There are people who can’t deal with the truth but that is their problem not mines. Approval always comes with a high price and if we open those doors then you have to deal with what you are being told even if you don’t like to hear it. The only approval I need is my own whether good or bad and that is because I know myself enough to know what I am good at and not so good at. 

Do I surprise myself at times? Of course! I learned that I could do things that I never thought I could do. That is the exciting part of learning new things. Will I make mistakes? Of course! That's the only way I will learn. It's not a bad thing, it's a good thing. I am not afraid to make mistakes at all. By doing it I learn a great deal. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not looking to make mistakes but if it happens I take full responsibility for it. That is my approval in learning. Approval is a very big thing, we look for it in our parents, family, friends, and sometimes there are those that can’t give that approval to us for whatever reason. When we don’t receive it we get so angry, sad, and we feel so  unloved. This is hard, believe me I know. That is when we need to look at ourselves and start to realize who we are and what we are. That is when it is time to take charge of our lives, which is the hardest thing to do when all we want is support but in realty we all don’t get it. We must learn how to give it to ourselves, by learning about YOURSELVES!

Feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of time and being angry also takes away from you. Deal with those negative feelings and thoughts and let it go. You have a purpose in this world, we don’t have time to feel bad for ourselves. Take responsibility of your life. Don’t tell me you can’t because you can! Do not sell yourselves short! You have been doing that for a long time already. Let’s get it together and prove to yourselves that you could do it. Stop the pity party and go strengthen up. No one ever said that our journeys were going to be easy. Take control of your life and your destiny and use the  power that was given to you. Take the negative and change it into positive and make it work for you. Allow yourself to be humble for you are a special human being or you wouldn't have chosen to come down to earth to follow your journey. APPROVAL COMES WITHIN YOU!