1. Strength: Comes from inside of you. No one can give you that. You are the one that needs to find it. Never ever say you can’t because you could. You wouldn’t have survived this long in your life. No matter how difficult, sad, hurtful, and painful it may be you can find the strength to keep on going. For that is the way life is, either it breaks you or makes you stronger. Maybe at that moment you won’t give a shit, that is fine but just find yourself.


2. Courage: Gives you the strength to face the truth and to move forward. To realize that it takes courage to grow and learn from our lessons and to face what challenges come our way.


3. Wisdom: You carry it inside yourself for your past lifetimes are still inside of you. That’s why I always tell my students, ‘your brains are amazing.’ We carry so much wisdom but we just choose not to see it or work on it because we become lazy human beings. Society has done that to your brains and you allowed it.


4. LOVE: Love is a big word and we have lost the value of what love is. Too many of us treat it like it is candy. We taste it and enjoy and when it’s finished, it’s finished. That’s the way people deal with love. To them love means nothing and then everything. How can we love others and not love ourselves? Love is not a toy you play with and put away until you feel like playing with it again. Love knows what true love is.


5. KNOWLEDGE: Is using common sense and knowing when to use it. Knowledge is not about being intelligent. It just knowing what you know and sharing your knowledge. Everyone has knowledge it’s not about the world. It’s about how the spiritual world sees it, that is what matters. The world’s knowledge just confuses you, it gets you upset and angry that’s how war starts with everything and anything.


6. UNDERSTANDING: That we all make mistakes and that we don’t think about our consequences. Understanding that we are all different with the way we speak to the color of our bodies. To realize that we can make changes within ourselves and in our own lives. By allowing us to grow and learn and doing what is right as well as understanding that we matter.


7. HONESTY: Something that is hard for many of us to do. If I get caught I am not stupid enough to say I did it, hell no. Then my question to you is, ‘why did you do it?’ You would have been safer if you didn’t do it in the first place. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about ever lying. We have difficulties telling the truth to ourselves, friends, relationships, and anyone really. It isn’t ever easy telling someone you care about the truth.  Everyone tries to be slick and they end up looking like a fool and losing respect. The truth will set you free.


8. COMPASSION/SYMPATHY: Knowing how to feel, being there, holding that person. Being bigger than life and looking at one’s eyes. Seeing how lost they are and knowing that we can sympathize. Feeling one’s sorrow, sharing their tears, and letting them know that it’s going to be alright.


9. FORGIVENESS: This one is the hardest for many people. To forgive, how do you forgive? It’s not really about forgiving the person it’s about forgiving yourself. It’s about facing that person, looking into their eyes and taking back your power. You do this by saying, ‘I forgive you not for what you did to me but for what you took away from me. That is my power so I need it back and I must let go so that I could build myself up more powerful than what I was before.’


10. KINDNESS: To be helpful to those in need and to care for one another. When I hear people say the Higher Power will bless you when you help or our kind to others it’s nonsense. We are all already blessed with the things that were given to us when we entered this earth. When we choose to be kind and helpful to others we do it because it is the right thing to do. Your heart tells you how good it feels because it is full of love. 


11. HAPPINESS: You all have happiness inside of yourselves but many prefer using sadness. Happiness is always there but we choose not to see it. Many feel they don’t deserve to be happy because of the way they live their lives or the bad experiences they’ve had with their dysfunctional families. Many feel worthless, don’t feel loved or cared for. Happiness is there but it’s up to you to grab it. MAKE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS! GO TO THE LIGHT, DON’T STAY IN THE DARK.


We all have choices and always will. That’s what makes our journey joyful or sad. When we use words that should be respected and honored we make them dirty and disgusting. Every word can be turned into a positive one. Everything we do always has limits because there are people that will take advantage. In time you will know who they are. Just stay away from people like that even if they are family until they get it, hopefully. Not everyone is the same and we can’t close the doors because of ignorant people either.

Freedom is within you
— Guru Enlightment


We are not perfect human beings but do we know what that really means? Can we really trust ourselves as human beings when we show that we have no control? I think that question might apply to those people who have no control but does that make them bad people? Of course not. Control applies to so many situations and circumstances, for example, how do we know when we're going to lose it? Situations may occur in which you will not know how you’re going to react. This applies to everyone; no one knows for sure what they would do until that moment comes.


I hear people say, ‘we are perfect,’ when in reality we are not and that makes us imperfect. Honestly, I am glad we are not perfect; It gives us a chance to grow and learn our lessons. It allows us to see things for what they are. We need to see the change within ourselves. Everybody blames someone for their imperfections; they blame their parents, their relationship, the Higher Power, etc.


In reality you need to blame yourselves and stop using the excuse that you can’t be in control of your lives because of your own imperfection. You may think that the Higher Power is perfect but he is not because he supposedly made us into his image. If that is the case then you need to take time to think. There is nothing wrong with the Higher Power being imperfect; it makes me grateful to know this. 


Our parents are not prefect either, though we think they are when we are children, but we later realize that they are not. People in relationships tend to believe their partner is perfect but that is not true either. We have to make things happen for ourselves and work on our own inadequacies. We look to others to fulfill that imperfection within us. That is why everybody is always looking so that they don’t have to take responsibility.


The reason I keep repeating this is because you don’t see it; all of you keep doing the same thing over and over again. How can you do that and make no effort in growing up? Accept responsibility and stop blaming everyone else instead of yourselves. The Higher Power has nothing to do with this; it's just easy to put it on the Higher Power than to take responsibility for ourselves. The Higher Power is not here to take your responsibility away, that is why the Higher Power allowed you to come here so that you can figure things out on your own. 


The Higher Power gives you all the tools, knowledge, and wisdom to use in this life. You can use it for your journey as he gives you the power to use it. That’s why we were given a brain, to think and use for either the negative or the positive; that is up to you. Where you choose to take it is your choice. Just as your parents allowed you to figure things out and gave you choices so does the Higher Power.


This applies to your relationships, your job, friends, etc. No one is your other half, not even the Higher Power. You, and only you, are your other half. You need to learn how to connect with your other half. It has been longing to connect with you for so long so that you can be whole. When I speak to the Higher Power I say I hope that I am following my journey if not send me a message so that I could get back on track. For everything is up to me, sometimes we lose our way and we need someone to put their hands on us to get us back on track. Whether it's the Higher Power, our parents, friends, relationships, or our children that help us; it's still up to us to do the rest. 


That is why we are free and independent; to make those choices that were given to us. We just choose not to see it because it's better to depend on someone else so when they mess up we can blame them. It's the same things as when someone dies, we blame the Higher Power and it's not the Higher Power's fault but we need to blame anyone and anybody to make us feel good. I have to take full responsibility for myself. Do I get pissed off sometimes? Of course, but I do so with myself and no one else.


You see, sometimes we put ourselves in situations and then other times situations just happen. But no matter how it goes we should learn from those situations. Many choose not to because they are hard-head or they let their pride and ego get in the way. Some people think they are too smart and no one can tell them anything while others follow the negative because it's easier. 



You haven’t given yourself a chance to become one with it all. There are so many close minded people in this world that just don't give a hell. There are people who live their lives as if that is their last one and that is the saddest thing I can hear. No one said you need to believe in anything. That is your choice but when you see there is nothing more than this then what was the purpose of you being here in the first place? 


If you thought it was to have a great time, boy have you got a lot to learn. Someday you'll get it, maybe not in this lifetime but in the next. Like I said before we don’t get away with anything even though you think you do. Keep thinking like that for surprises will come your way for sure.


The one person you need to believe in is yourself and not in a conceited way for I don’t teach that. If you believe in yourself then everything comes into place. Like I said, you can’t believe in anything if you don’t believe in yourself first. You can’t like someone if you don’t like who you are. You can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself first. That is the only way you know what you are. To have faith comes from you first for you need to have faith within you.


That’s why our children are so lost because we are lost. We don’t put our priorities first. We are so involved in control, power, and money that there is nothing to see. For the world blames so many of us and we choose not to wake-up but continue sleeping. Of course that is always and will always be your choice because that’s why we have choices. No one has to agree with what I write. 


I share my knowledge and wisdom, as well as, my gifts and as long as I follow my journey I'm doing what I need to do. I am very grateful to be able to fulfill my journey and I am so blessed that I am able to do so as I share with those that choose to learn. For they are not afraid to fulfill their own journey and I think that is awesome. Don’t let anyone take you away your journey either.


Nothing is earned easy; our lessons will be hard, even tragic at times. We all need to stay strong within ourselves. Believe that you are powerful and can get through anything that life has to throw at you. Even when you are the one punishing yourself; you can overcome it. Remember imperfection comes within the world, not within us. No, we are not perfect but that is fine. It makes our lessons more interesting. It doesn’t take away from us, on the contrary, we should be grateful.