I don't want my students to be good, I want them to be great!

Guru Enlightment’s teachings go far beyond finding who and what you are and what your purpose is in this journey. By request and to a very selected few, “students only” she is more than just their spiritual counselor and teacher. She helps them by coaching them with whatever their talent may be and they feel they need work on, whether it’s writing a screenplay for film or stage,  composing music, singing, directing, acting, painting, new businesses endeavors and so much more.  These students have reached a level of freedom and independence within themselves and have truly earned it.  Guru believes a great deal in her students and when they come to her with projects she is ready and willing to help.  Their hard-work and dedication inspires her to give her all to their projects, working very closely with them to create content with truthful, positive, and inspiring messages through their talents and many gifts. 





Present- Guru Enlightment’s The Unknown Series -Director/Creator


Pre Production- En Peligro De Extincion- Directora

2018 - F.E.A.R - Director/co-composer

2018-  Still Naked - Director

2015-17  The Naked Truth - Director

2012-  Guru Enlightment’s The Unknown - Creator/Director/Co-writer


2015- The Stockroom - Director

2010- Congratulations Mr Gonzales -Director