The Child that Got Away Part 3

I don’t blame you at all for feeling the way that you do. We all have had our darkness as we have shed our tears and carried our pain within ourselves. Some of us still carry that anger and frustration. Everyone deals with it differently. Some people deal with it good and some deal with it bad but that is what they know at the moment. Trying to find ourselves will not be easy but it also won’t be difficult unless we make it difficult. Then again some people will go the wrong path while others take the right path. Some people run while others stay still. Everyone needs answers and some people will travel around the world trying to find them while others feel they have it already. No one realizes that we carry the answers inside of ourselves but we are not taught that because society wants us to be confused.

That’s why our children grow up feeling lost while society takes control of them. Sadly, parents are still sleeping in this world because this world is more important to them. That is why tragedy strikes everywhere. You choose not to see the truth. Many of us will get away with it and many won’t. We are all confused especially our children, everyone plays a part. We are so consumed with education and making money that we don’t see what’s in front of us because we feel everything else is more important. We do not know our own worth or realize how special and powerful we are.

We all should love ourselves because by loving ourselves we can then share it with the human race. We are all here to learn and grow from each other. We are taught that if we do something for someone that we are going to be blessed but that is not true. We all have come into this world with blessings already. Whatever you do for someone it should come from your heart not because you think the Higher Power is going to bless you, come on now. Every one of us came down with tools that were given to us. How you choose to use it is up to you. Everything else you have to earn it on your own, good or bad. You can’t just do it to gain something, how about doing it because it’s the right thing to do. There isn’t any extra blessings, please. -SpiritTo be continued...