The Child That Got Away Part 12 "Ending"

“You need to be strong and believe in yourself. Believe in the Higher Power, the light, and the energy. Hear your spirits, find your gifts for those are your weapons. You have tools that you came with, use them. You’re filled with so much.” -Spirit

“I am still scared now that I am alone and you’re leaving me. Even though I have all of this it doesn’t make me feel any better.” -Teenager



“We all have to start somewhere, everyone has to. Please take care of yourself and try to be patient with yourself. Patience is the key. Always know your limitations. Don’t be something that you’re not, try not to lie. Be responsible, good, and humble. Don’t judge others until you learn how to judge yourself. We are not here for that.



Please don’t cry.” -Spirit



“I can’t help it. I am shaking so much, I can’t control my tears. The last time I cried like this was when my mother didn’t want any part of me; when I realized she doesn’t love me and left me, just as you’re doing to me.” -Teenager



“I am not leaving you. I am just going away so that I can also fulfill my journey. We can’t be selfish either, right?” -Spirit  



Yes, you’re right. I’m sorry.” -Teenager



“It’s okay, kid. Be safe, goodbye.” -Spirit



“Goodbye, I wish you the best.” -Teenager



“As I do you.” -Spirit



“Go back to where you belong, go.” -Teenager



“I felt safe where I was and I didn’t really want to leave. It was time. As much as I fought myself I knew that it wouldn’t make a difference. I had to make a choice. Do I stay or finish what I need to fulfill? So I asked to come back down and face this world. Hopefully I can make it this time and not be known as the child that got away but the child that stayed. Soon I’ll be ready to be born. I hope I don’t forget it all. I ask that I can be shown a light or a word, something that could remind me of my journey.


They’re calling me. I need to leave, I am ready to be born. It’s a rainy day and the sky is so cloudy and dark. I hope the reason for this rain is to take away negativity before my entry, HA. I have two minutes left. I would like to leave you with something. Sometimes things are hard and shit happens. Don’t run away, deal with your surroundings. Make it better so you can be happy. Continue following your journey as I hope I will also. I hope that we left you with something to think about. Who knows maybe someday we will meet. I leave you with THE CHILD THAT GOT AWAY.” -Teenager


The end.