The Child that Got Away Part 6

“I agree with you but by you not trying to do what is right you aren’t helping yourself either. All you are doing is creating a bigger hole. We keep blaming our parents. The system has never really worked out for any of these kids. Listen, you could blame your parents and everything around you. You have a choice to suffer or feel sorry for yourself. You have a choice by allowing the anger and hatred to take over. Or do we choose to find ways to let go of our anger and hatred? Don’t allow yourself to get infected with negativity. Overcome it with positivity by learning how to deal with the hurt and hatred you feel inside. The hardest thing to do is to forgive.” -Spirit


“Forgiveness is a very big step to take. A person that is shot or raped and faces their perpetrator may not want to forgive them because they feel that they are letting the perpetrator go easy. Some might feel that they are being cheated while others want the person to die. That is hard for me to do, just to forgive my mother. No way is that going to happen.” -Teenager


“These people who are victims carry guilt. They feel as though they did something wrong that could have been avoided.” -Spirit


“That would be impossible to think like that. The one who should feel guilty is the perpetrator who committed the crime.” -Teenager


“It’s not about the perpetrator you are forgiving. It’s about you forgiving yourself for carrying the guilt within. It’s time to let it go and give it back to him/her so that you may set yourself free. They won’t know how to handle it even if they say ‘I don’t care if you forgive me.’ Believe me, that plays with their head. They will pay a very big price, not only by going to jail but when they leave this life they have no idea what awaits them. Don’t let anyone take over your power or your life. Take back your power, stand up, and show him/her that they have no control over you. Say to yourself, ‘I am taking back my life.’ Set yourself free by allowing yourself to go forward. Make something of yourself and make things happen.    


When we hold onto that darkness and frustration we allow the pain and suffering to consume us. We continue holding our guards up by not allowing anyone in then it becomes more difficult to let go and forgive. You also have to take responsibility for your own mistakes because you know by now what is right and wrong. You’re at that age to realize what’s wrong with this picture.” -Spirit



“I do, but do you understand? I don’t have a choice. I have to follow the system. I came from a place of nothing and I am heading to another place of nothing. No matter how much you see things in a positive way, there isn’t a positive way here. How could there be? I am still a kid and your answer does not fulfill me at all. Look at my world and see how complicated it is.” -Teenager


“Why do you give up so easily?” -Spirit


“I don’t.” -Teenager


“Yes you do. This system stinks and so do the people, I know this. So what are you going to do about it? Listen, you could complain and complain but it’s not helping you.” -Spirit


“You think I can make a difference,? Please, look at me! I’m a kid. I have done stupid things and made so many mistakes. People already think I am nothing. They also think I am a bad kid who has too many issues. No one wants to hear what I have to say. You’re saying if I give it a chance that they will hear me? Who are you? Where are you from? What planet do you live in? Suddenly they are going to hear me because you say so?” -Teenager


“Someone has to let them know that this system isn’t helping many of these children. They don’t understand that every kid is different and the way one kid handles things is not the same way another kid will handle it. Every experience may be the same but the outcome is so much different. We can’t treat them all the same and everyone has to recognize it. No one really cares and has time for these kids with problems. They put them all in the same category like if they were all cattles. It takes one special person to open that door.” -Spirit


“You believe that I am that person, that I can make a difference? Really? Come on, are you desperate? You’re going to make me laugh. They don’t even hear the people that they work with. Seriously, and you think they are going to hear me? Let’s see.” -Teenager


To be continued…