The Child that Got Away Part 7

“These people really think they have the answers but they don’t. Many of them get fed up with their jobs. They get tired because they have to follow rules that are given to them and some of these rules stink and are ridiculous. If you’re not a genius or a gifted child no one wants to hear what you have to say. People consider children who live on the streets to be stupid or worse, trash. They have nothing to say or choose not to waste their time on kids like us. Kids like us who are not educated or have issues. The first thing they want to do is give us some kind of medicine to hold our emotions. Don’t get me wrong, some kids need it but many don’t. Just leave me alone.” -Teenager

“I can’t. I won’t give up on you. I told you, you’re special. You have a purpose.” -Spirit

“Well, go and find another special one that has a purpose because this one isn’t going anywhere. Just leave me alone and let me be who I am.” -Teenager

“What you don’t understand is that you’re not this person. This person who wears a mask to cover her true self so that you can hide. Why are you crying?” -Spirit

“Because I don’t want to hear anymore. I hate this system and the people in it. I hate what it stands for and I especially hate my mother and father who turned their backs on me and left me like I was a piece of trash. They chose to close their eyes to what is happening!! NO ONE CARES! CAN YOU HEAR ME? NO ONE CARES! I wish I didn’t know the things I do, it serves no purpose. Why do I have to have this information? Why couldn’t I be dumb like everyone else and not care? Why couldn’t I close my eyes like everyone else has? I don’t want to care about where I end up, or if I end up in jail or dead, the hell with this.” -Teenager

“These kids are in pain and probably worse than you. That is why kids get high and hurt each other. They are human beings feeling depressed and suicidal, that is how they let go of their pain. Sadly, only to repeat it over and over again. They don’t know where to put these feelings. They take it out on people they care about or strangers. That’s not what you want to be. Don’t get me wrong, these are good caring kids but it’s hard for them to show it and they are also frightened too severely.” -Spirit  

“Then go with them and help them.” -Teenager

“Right now none of them are here with me. You are.” -Spirit  

“You’re too much. Tell me something I don’t know. How about I give you a chance?” -Teenager

“The reason I am here is because I need to make things right. Plus your spirits asked me to help you so that you could find your way back, back to where you belong.” -Spirit

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand you.” -Teenager

“You need to realize that for yourself, I can’t tell you.” -Spirit

“You can’t tell me? You tell me everything else, why not that?” -Teenager

“Listen, you need to realize it. We are trying to bring you back.” -Spirit

“To what? What are you saying?” -Teenager

“You are fighting us and choosing to stay away.” -Spirit

“What are you talking about? I am right here. They are the ones that are staying away from me. Why don’t you see that?” -Teenager

“I see you. Now I want you to see what is there.” -Spirit

“I don’t understand you. You’re getting me angry. Just tell me and stop talking to me in riddles. Just say it.” -Teenager

“If I tell you then it serves no purpose. You’re the one that has to find the answers. Just relax, relax.” -Spirit

“You are not giving me time to relax, you keep pushing me.” -Teenager

“I am sorry. I just want you to find what you are looking for.” -Spirit  

“I did find what I was looking for that’s why I chose to stay where I am.” -Teenager

“You have no idea what you are saying.” -Spirit  

“Yes I do. Stop trying to make me see what you want me to see.” -Teenager

“Do you have any idea how many kids are depending on you?” -Spirit

“No and I don’t care. Now, can you leave me alone and let me enjoy myself? I have so much to do here. Bye.” -Teenager

“Why are you so hardheaded? Why do you make things difficult? How can you not see what’s in front of you? Do you know how many kids wish they had your gift so that they could see things in this world?” -Spirit

“You call this a gift? Really? I call it hell, to me this is punishment. Look at where I am.” -Teenager

“Please get it together here. Why do you see everything as negative?” -Spirit

“Why, you ask? Can’t you just see or are you blind and I just didn’t know? You haven’t seen anything. You keep asking me to look. What the hell am I supposed to be looking at? You haven’t seen my life. Is this a joke to you?” -Teenager  

“No, it’s not a joke at all. Just be quiet for a second and listen. Please, you must come back.” -Spirit

“Back from where? I am right here. Hello!” -Teenager

“You don’t remember?” -Spirit

“No I don’t. What is there to remember?” -Teenager  

To be continued…