The Child that Got Away Part 9

“There are also mothers that are scared of their own children. There are mothers that don’t know how to love or care for their children. There are mothers who just care about themselves. There are mothers that are lost.  There are mothers that put more importance on a man than their own child. There are mothers who love money and their career.

They think they’re getting away with something and they’re not. They are running away from their responsibilities. Some mothers give birth for the wrong reasons, whether to keep a man or because they feel that their biological clock is ticking. They bring children into a world full of addicts and alcoholics. There are mothers that are afraid and weak because they have gone through a lot. It’s sad and these children suffer as they grow up and deal with life. There are mothers that adopt these children just for the money, it’s so pitiful. Society tells you to be the person they want you to be. It’s all about money and power and having the American dream and everyone fights to have it.” -Spirit

“History has shown us about power and money but the only history I want to know is mine. I don’t care what happened before I came into this earth.” -Teenager

“During that time people had to deal with their issues and it’s no different now. All history has done is repeat itself just as people keep repeating the same mistakes. No one has learned anything from history that’s why we keep repeating it from lifetime to lifetime.” -Spirit

“Nothing has changed. Again, why are you telling me this? What is all of this suppose to do for me? You get me more angry, you keep making so many excuses for the people here on earth. That’s why they get away with so many things because no one wants to see the truth and they keep getting screwed.” -Teenager

“That’s why they keep coming back because they haven’t gotten it.” -Spirit

“Well, does that mean that my mother is definitely coming back for sure?” -Teenager

“Yes, she is for sure. That is what I’ve been trying to tell you. You need to follow your journey.” -Spirit  

“That is not fair at all. The more I hear, the more I dislike you.” -Teenager

“You are ready to hear the truth and I will continue to tell you the truth. Do you want to hear the truth or do you just want to hear a lie?” -Spirit

“I want to hear it but there is a side of me that wishes you would lie.” -Teenager

"When we don’t deal with the pain and hurt in this lifetime and we try to run away or consume ourselves with things that we shouldn’t, all it does is stop you from learning and growing and seeing things for what they are especially when it comes to yourself. We all hurt one way or another and we all go through tribulations in this world but some suffer more than others.” -Spirit

“Why?” -Teenager

“Because many will suffer in this world and some are born into suffering, it is what it is. What you do with all that pain is up to you. Don’t get me wrong, no one comes here to get raped, killed, mistreated, or go through horrible things. That is the world that we live in and sadly there are many cruel, sick people on this world. Everyone thinks that if you are born rich or become rich that, that would be the answer for happiness and peace. It is not because they also suffer as we do, no one is invincible.  If you want to continue to live in misery, suffering, pain, and anger that is up to you. Remember, you do have a choice but if you pick the suffering and misery than you need to take full responsibility for that because that is what you choose instead of getting some kind of help. You should never ever give up on yourself.” -Spirit

To be continued…