In life sometimes we wonder which direction we should follow. Sometimes I find myself not sure of what I feel within. I feel the distance from everything and everyone. I also feel insecure and not confident. It's hard to believe in anything or anyone at times because I'm not sure of what I do believe in. I walk and walk around looking and searching for answers but I don't come up with one. I keep these feelings inside because I'm afraid of how people will see me; the true me, unsure.

I wonder and wonder and the more I wonder the more angry I get and the more confused I feel. What is it with me that I can’t seem to see the answers? What is it that holds me back instead of letting it go? What is wrong with me? I cannot get it together. Everyday I wake up hoping it will be a better day and at times I feel it will be but other times it's not enough to make me feel complete. Where do I search?

Everyone is looking for answers. You're not alone, you think you are but you’re not. Everybody wants answers but I really didn't try hard enough to find the answers. I kept looking in every direction and listening to everyone's words but still I wasn't content.

You see, you don't need to believe in anything or anyone except yourself because those answers are inside of you. You are afraid to see it because you feel that it would take too much of your time to look at yourself and find those answer you’ve been searching for. You have issues and you need to find the solutions for them.

Your issues did not start today, it's been with you longer than you realize. You can make excuses and you can blame everyone and everything but that still doesn't resolve your problems, for you need to take responsibility. “Why?” you might ask, because you choose not to do anything about it and instead chose to blame yourself and everyone around you who you care and love. You’ve been doing this and continue to do it until you decide to take a good look at yourself and find out who and what you are. Look in the mirror and face the person you are meeting for the very first time. Let that person know exactly how you feel, what hurts you, what angers you, what upsets you. Let the tears go down your face; share your tears and the frustration that you feel.

Allow yourself to be courageous by facing the mirror. Wake up and realize that you are special and you are worth it. Stop punishing yourself. Start believing in you; it’s not about the world or the people you need to believe in, it's about you. Believe in yourself by finding your truth not anyone else’s truth. Give yourself a chance to see the true you and stop running away; stop being afraid. JUST FACE IT!