We all choose our way and when we do we wonder if we picked

the right road. Some of us hope that we did because if we don’t we question it. Does that mean that we chose the road incorrectly and that the things we go through serve no purpose?

There is always something within us that tells us something is just not right. We might wonder what it is but still we are not sure.

Something happens within us that we can’t explain to anyone or even to ourselves.

We feel that we are missing something but we don't quite know yet what we are missing; we just know that there is something. Many people run from it, they hide from it, and they don’t want to deal with it; while other people drink their way through it or use drugs.

They allow their ego and pride to get in the way. No one wants to take a chance to learn or grow, they just live in their own world; I call these people sleepers.

These people wander through earth not allowing themselves to grow. They continue to close their eyes to what is in front of them because they choose to live that way and ignore their surroundings.

This is everyone’s choice in life but it’s sad that they choose not to be happy within themselves or realize that there is more to life than what they might think.

No matter what we see or feel life will always test us and pull us in many directions. You and only you have the power to follow the direction you choose. Some of us will follow the wrong path for so many reasons, while others will follow the direction that is right.

Both of these people will either learn and grow from the directions they chose or just stand still. Will they get it or just wonder as they have done all their life?

Why can’t I see clearly and wipe away my pain and my hurt from the darkness? The light tries to shine on me I just don’t allow it for whatever purpose. I just continue punishing myself. I continue feeling worthless and in many ways I am wondering where I went wrong with myself.

I wonder everyday and I can’t stop asking questions as I look in every area to see if I can find the answer.

I walk to places that offer the answer but there is always a price and I know that I don’t have it.

Why do answers cost? What happened to it being free? Are they teaching me or taking my money for their benefit? I wonder where I can find the answer. Why does it have to be so complicated?

Perhaps you do it to yourself. Maybe you’re not looking in the right place.

Fly, see the world.

Fly, see the world’s sadness.

People suffering, crying, wanting answers and yet not receiving them.

Fly, see the world trying to handle their problems and find solutions.

So much tragedy and we wonder what waits for us.

How worse will it be? It’s just the beginning of what’s to come.

Every flower dies while new ones grow to give new beauty differently. Seeing it brings wonders and as it blossoms it shows the new beginning of the flower. As you stare at it, it puts you in a trance. How great is that?

Look towards you
Walk towards you
Hear towards you
Lead towards you
Find towards you

Answer towards you

Choose towards you
Run towards you
See towards you
Build towards you
Face towards you


By just acknowledging the mirror

Guru Enlightment