I have been rich, I have been poor, I have been blinded and I have seen. I have traveled the wonders of the world and seen pain and destruction. I have seen the hurt on people’s faces. I have seen people losing their hope; they have given up on themselves. I’ve seen their struggles, their conflicts. I have heard your prayers and I have given you answers but your inner self is so far from the light that you cannot hear the words; you cannot see the words, which is so simple to see, written in different forms. Prayers are answered in many different forms; by a stranger, music, a book, a newspaper, a play, a movie, a child, or within yourselves. You’re too much into that world that you cannot see the riches within you. You all think that the riches you need is out there in that world, how foolish are you? You don’t believe in yourself, but you believe in everything else, like really? You want to believe in so many things that you forget about the most important person, which is you. You see, we forget what we teach our children and what was taught to us. I have nothing to do with that, but you do.

As a parent, we want the best for our children.

We want them to believe in themselves.

We want them to know that they are special.

We want them to know that everything and anything is possible.

We want them to know that they should love themselves.

We want them to know that they have a purpose here.

We want them to be kind, caring, compassionate, understanding and know how to forgive.

We want them to learn that they are not better than anyone except themselves. You’re not here to be in competition unless it is with yourself.

You want your child to grow and never be afraid to stand up on their own for what they believe in within themselves.

You want your child to be honest and strong.

You want your children to never be greedy or controlling.

You want your child to know that it’s not their place to control someone or try to change someone else because that is not their job.

You want your child to follow their journey.

You want your child to follow their dream.

You want your child to be happy and in peace.

You want your child to find a good husband or wife.

It doesn’t take away from what you believe in. When you allow what you believe to take control of your life and you let everyone know that your beliefs come first, that is unacceptable for that is not what I taught all of my children. I taught you to believe in yourself first because without that you cannot believe in me. If you feel you can believe in me without putting yourself first, then you’re going to be very disappointed when the time comes. This is the time to show me that you are worthy of my love and my respect; just as I have earned that from my father by following my journey within me first. In time, everything will connect. For soon I will become your student and you will become my teacher as you will share your journeys with me. We are taught to put everyone first but when you put yourself last you lose the person you were meant to be in the first place and that is when your life becomes hectic and complicated.

We are taught that putting ourselves first is selfish, and then people make you feel guilty for thinking about yourself. The word “selfish” comes with a negative meaning because there are people who don’t care or feel compassion for others and that is why people often say, “You shouldn’t be selfish.” When I say, “Think about yourself,” I mean get to learn about yourself and deal with your issues; become the person you should have been. When you don’t allow yourself to be who you were meant to be you tend to have many regrets later in life because you didn’t follow your journey. Many people will end up pushing their failed journeys on their children, so that they can fulfill the journey they didn’t complete within their children but that doesn’t work that way. Everyone should follow their own path especially if it doesn’t bring any negativity that ends up destroying their journeys or affecting others in their journey.

Everyone hides from life and they choose to think that by hiding this will give you the answer you’re looking for, but it doesn’t. Whatever superior being you believe in, believe me when I say to you that when you entered this earth, I’ve given you the tools to use so that it can help you with your life on earth with the exception of killers, rapists, and those that abuse children and human beings. I have seen this treatment all over the world with people and children. When you fail my children, you fail me. Those that are hurting and starving my children and humankind will soon be prisoners and soon will feel my wrath.

You didn’t allow yourselves to see the wonders and the magic that has been given to you. You don’t believe enough in yourselves to make a difference. I have walked the world and seen people kneel and ask me for mercy, yet no one has given it to you on earth. They look upon me, and say, “You have forgotten me,” but I have not forgotten you, you have forgotten yourself. You have forgotten your values, your purpose. No one said that the journeys you all chose to follow would be easy especially when dealing with the pain and tribulations that come with it.

I have had many tribulations and still chose my journey. I have continued my journey till the end of my time. That is what I chose and because of my journey I became better with having compassion towards all my children in the world. You should find your path and if in time it doesn’t feel right then go and continue looking until you find where you belong. Just make sure it brings you peace and comfort and that it teaches you a lot. Everyone, sooner or later, finds their way if they choose too.

Even if people might not understand at the moment, everyone needs to find themselves and hopefully they do so for the positive reasons. I believe that we are all different and because of that, everyone is special and powerful. We all want the same things, no matter what color we are or how different we are. We all want to feel happiness, we want to have good health, we want love and most of all, we want peace. When people go looking for answers, some will overdo it and others will lose their mind in the midst of things, which is sad.

Some people will overreact on their beliefs and force others to believe in the same things by pushing them, which I don’t agree with. There will be other people that are looking to belong somewhere and there are others that will get into things out of fear; while other people will try to find answers in everything and anything. There is not a person that is not looking for answers.

Sometimes we don’t know when enough is enough. People run from the reality of life because of their traumatic experiences. Some of these people will become drugs addicts or alcoholics and some will destroy their lives. Some people will commit suicide because of their traumas. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to say, “Get it together.” For many people it isn’t that easy to do, not because they are weak, but because of who they’ve become. Many of you won’t be able to understand it. It’s important for us to know who we are. You must learn to be who you are and what you are. You ask, “Why?” It is because of the journey that was given to you as you entered this earth, by not learning who you are, the person that you were meant to be got lost along the way. This also applies to the people who are rich; never ever think that, that world is better than yours, don’t go there.

You look up to the sky and I hear you as you ask, “Why me?” Well, why not you? I went through my tribulations and I never asked, “Why me?” We are all special but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to go through issues. You all have the tools you need to succeed. I gave them to you so that you could choose to do good or bad; that is your choice. I taught you to find your own answers within, but you have forgotten because of society and because you allowed it. You have forgotten that everything you’ve ever needed has been and will continue to be inside of you. We look out there for our solutions and never within. I did not create suffering, tribulations, or traumas. I didn’t create sickness or death.

I didn’t create pedophiles, trafficking, or starvation. Humankind created all of this because of their greed, power, and selfishness. You chose to look upon and follow that greed and power. I’ve given you the answers that you’ve been looking for all this time, but you choose not to hear it within. Don’t look upon me as though I am the bad one. Look upon humankind and see how far they have gone with all the hatred they have created and all the devastations that have happened to the people on earth. Again, I didn’t create this world. What I created was love, compassion, peace, joy, laughter, kindness, and so much more.

Do not compare me or judge me for none of you really know who I am. Don’t go by what you read; that is just a fairytale. I gave you choices to make. Wake up and see and feel what’s inside of you. Start judging yourself and not others. Take a good look at yourself and find out why you choose the life you live in. Don’t blame me for your choices. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions and what they have created.

Children shouldn’t be suffering or starving at this point in time. You support what doesn’t matter and you can’t feed my children; it’s a shame how humankind has allowed this. They have also destroyed the land and the air that was with heart but was taken away because of greed and power. My children shouldn’t be in pain or in anguish or in any kind of sickness. Children are dying and part of it is due to the fact that you have lost your humanity. Then you look upon me to say it’s my fault and I’m not the one that’s there, you are. I have not failed you; you have failed yourself. I have given you strength, courage, confidence, wisdom, knowledge, power, and answers so that you may go through life knowing that no matter what comes your way, you’ll be able to handle it.

When people say that I’ll only give you as much as you can handle, that is not true. You’re the one that gives that to yourself because you’re the only one that knows how much you can handle; don’t be a fool. I repeat myself again, I gave you all the tools you needed before you came down; how you chose to use it is up to you. I gave you mercy when I saw you suffering and when you were near death, I gave you mercy and took you, but I am not the one that took your life. When I see you in misery, I give you mercy. When you make horrible mistakes, I give you mercy. When you asked for forgiveness, I say to you, “You must forgive yourself.” You have the tendency to blame everyone because you’re not able to deal with the truth. When the time comes, I would judge you and only you. Do not use the excuse that I was never here for you. I have sent you help but you chose not to hear your spirits.

I’ve given you a lot, but you have not done anything with it because you believe in society. You don’t believe in the voice you hear. Are there negative voices out there? Yes, but there’s also positive voice and you’re old enough to know the difference.

No one has seen me, but you have seen others and you’ve seen things. The universe is so big that there are wonders that no one can ever imagine. I have shown you false leaders and you will continue to see and hear false people. Remember, I am everything and anything. I am never one thing, never assume. Take those blinders off your eyes and those plugs out of your ears and allow yourself to hear and see. Society confused you for that is their purpose. You are all gifted and you are all genius, remember that. You chose to come to earth; that was your choice and I agreed upon it. Don’t believe in what you hear; believe in what you see. Don’t allow anyone to see it for you; see it for yourself. I have tried in every way for you to hear your spirits, but you still haven’t woken up. I am only one thing, but I am all. I travel in many forms; I come and go. People give me different names. They all have different ways of how they cherish me. You still don’t get it though. I don’t want to be cherished; I want you to cherish yourself as you follow your journey just as I have. I didn’t give anyone rules; I gave knowledge and wisdom. For rules come from mankind. We all lose our way but when you ask me to show you the way, I will. It is up to you to find the rest of the way and it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen right away either so chill; just be prepared for when it does happen. It’s up to you, never me.

I am not here to walk you along the way. I show you the door and you do the rest; that is something you need to do on your own because that is the path you chose to take. There will be a time when you need me and there will be times that you don’t and that is ok. It’s not that different than when you needed your parents and they were there for you. I gave you the brain to think, not to abuse or hurt humanity. I gave you a heart to feel sorrow, to have compassion, to understand, to feel the love that was given to you by me, so that you may share it with those around you. I gave you tools to use for positive, not for negative. Those who use it for the wrong reasons will know the pain they have caused when we come face to face for no one gets away with anything here on earth and in my world.


You listen to those that have their own agenda, but you never allow yourself to hear the voice within you. You read those books that tell my stories but that is not my story; that is a story that was created for their own purposes. Know this: I AM LOVE, I AM COMPASSION, I AM FREEDOM, I AM JOY, I AM LAUGHTER, I AM PEACE, I AM YOU, AND YOU ARE ME. NO MORE, NO LESS. FORGIVENESS DOESN’T ONLY COME FROM ME, BUT IT ALSO COMES FROM YOU. FOR I AM NOT HELL OR FEAR; THAT COMES FROM THE BOOKS YOU READ. YOUR JOB AS A PARENT IS TO MAKE SURE YOU MAKE THAT CHILD FEEL SAFE AND GIVE THEM JOY, LOVE, AND LAUGHTER. WHY AM I DIFFERENT IN YOUR EYES? ESPECIALLY WHEN I GIVE YOU THE SAME THINGS YOU GIVE TO YOUR CHILD. I AM ALSO A FATHER. PLEASE THINK. I am not cruel or hard. I am not a hypocrite. I don’t say one thing and do another, as it has been written. I am fair. I am generous, I am compassionate, I am forgiveness, I am peace, I am love, I am the light that shines through you.

When you choose to come to me, come to me out of love, not fear for that is not love. You must learn how to live, how to fly as I did before I left earth. I sent you here to learn and grow, to become human, and to go through whatever small or big situations you must go through to grow and learn. That is your purpose and to enjoy live, to laugh, to love and so much more. You will go through your ups and downs; that is part of life. Make your life count, do not waste it.

I was not perfect; I was human like you and I have gifts just as you do. Why do you think I can understand your pain, your sorrow, your tears, your anguish, your confusion, your anger, your hatred, your sadness, your betrayal, your sense of loss, and your conflicting feelings? I lived as a human; why is that so hard to understand? You have created me in a way which I am not. I am not a God; I have chosen to be human just like you. We left our wings behind to become human. We all came to become greater within ourselves for our journey has lessons that will take us further. You have allowed yourself to learn and grow within your journey, to be the best you can be. I will always be here to help, but you will end up doing most of the work. For when you ask for help, I will give you the courage and strength that you may need to accomplish the path you are supposed to fulfill. You’re the one that makes the miracles with me; it’s never me alone. We all work together.

Someday, the earth must cleanse itself as it has done many centuries ago; that has nothing to do with me. It has to do with how the land is treated because mother nature has her own agenda. Everything is not about me for there is more here than just me. Humankind has done a lot of damage to the earth. I don’t create devastations; I created love and peace. Devastations occur because no one wants to listen to the land and the skies for all will suffer because of humankind’s greed and power. You must learn how to think for yourself. I have given you everything you needed so now choose what you really need.

For I have spoken.

You have let society live for you; you have let books lead you for it was your choice, chosen all along. Continue your journey and fulfill that journey as much as you can. Don’t be afraid of me or fear me, FOR I AM LOVE!!