Is that alright?

 Our Booklet for the previous  "Annual -ALWAYS FREE- Spiritual Workshop's "  2/10/2018 . 

 Our Booklet for the previous  "Annual -ALWAYS FREE- Spiritual Workshop's "  2/10/2018 . 


The hurricane goes in one direction but when the hurricane hits it goes in so many directions. It moves everything that is in its way, leaving us to build what has been destroyed. It shows us how strong we are within or it shows us our weakness. The hurricane that destroyed everything teaches us to build up from the bottom or do we allow ourselves to stay in the bottom? The choices are always up to us for that hurricane might not come just once but many times.

Are we prepared to continue getting up from the ground no matter how many times we need to? When a hurricane comes, is it to wake us up or is it giving you a message that you still have not understood? How many hurricanes would it take before you wake up and realize the truth within you? How many times does it take to realize the truth within you? Is that alright?


Where does one go to stand when they feel lonely? We are not able to understand the loneliness that one feels within. We try to cover it up with so many things but no matter how much we try, it doesn't happen. How far am I really willing to reach with this loneliness? Do I reach out to the world or do I realize that the loneliness I feel comes from within me? When do I take responsibility for the way I feel? I need to see that the world can’t give me what I need. It is only me that can fulfill that need.

We are taught that those in which we meet and become intimate with are supposed to give us what we are missing within, but that is so wrong because no one is here to give you anything. That is not their job; it is your job to fulfill the emptiness that you hold onto and only you can break out of that prison. Free yourself from what holds you back, which is you, as it has been said: You are your own worst enemy.   



Rain, rain go away, come back another day for my tears have gone as far as it has gone. I want to feel the sun on my face and feel the warmth and the light shine inside of me where love has once been and now it is gone. Love doesn't ask why, and it doesn’t explain why it is what it is; though many question it. Was it true love or just a passing love? We never question love; we take it for face value. Then at the end, we suffer the pain and anguish that follows. Love becomes what you want it to become. Love is so many things but, in reality, it doesn’t make a difference for love is love and it does consist of pain and anguish either way. Is that alright?



Being connected is part of our journey, it's also part of our connection within us. The first connection is with our parents, then family, friends, and finally relationships. Those connections are not the only ones we make; it doesn't end there. Many might think that it does end there because they have forgotten other connections that we have always had before entering this earth. We forget the things that we have left behind and have no knowledge of. For it has been erased as we started to deal with society. Eventually, we lost that connection.

There is a connection to the light, to the sky, to the moon, and to the stars. One of the things that is important and which we have forgotten, is that we are the universe because we carry the universe inside of us. That gift has been given to all of us and it is that part which makes you strong and powerful. Society makes everything about the world out there because that's what they want. In reality, you have always been the universe and powerful within yourself. You came from the universe carrying all the tools that you need and the parts of what is already within you. Society chose to take that away from you and show you their way. They tell you that anything you want or need you should ask the universe and send the vibes out there. They tell you to send it to the universe for what? They neglected to tell you that the universe has been filled with so much negativity, this is why I say that you are the universe. Whatever you need and want, send it to yourself because you won't send anything to yourself that will be harmful or jeopardizes you in any form. The universe has been tempted already so don't go there. I say this to you: You’re the universe. I have always said it and will continue to say it; you are all geniuses, you just don't remember. As children, we do what society says because we believe they know what they are doing but they have no idea what they are doing.  


Everything in this world is an illusion but many choose not to see it. The government and corporations have taken away so much from you and it continues to do so. The government and corporations continue to steal from us in every form of way. We all have become slaves and we have continued this from generation to generation. Are we capable of stopping? No, if the people in this country decided to go to war then maybe there might be change. Or would it make things worse than what it already is? That is the realization whether we choose to see it or not. The reality is that you’re the only person that can make a difference within you if you allow yourself to grow and learn. You accomplish this by living the life that you were meant to, by being the person that you long to be, by learning and not allowing things to affect you the way we allow them to. Do not allow stress, depression, anger, frustration, misery, and unhappiness to fill you. We live in a society that feeds into misery and negative energy; that is how it lives and that is why you're the one that needs to change and get out of that society that makes it complicated. When we allow ourselves to form these categories, we allow ourselves to be controlled by these governments and corporations. We need to set ourselves free from all of that by giving these governments and corporations 5% of ourselves in society. The other 95% belongs to you to do what you wish with it. Can that be possible? Absolutely! Everything and anything is possible. We all need to just wake up.



                                                                 IS THAT ALL?


                                                                LOSE OR FIND

How does one express their love? What has happened to love? Where are the loves stories and where has it gone? I look around and notice that the romance has also disappeared. I close my eyes and look for the picture in my mind, wondering for the picture of love. It’s gone but I can’t accept that it has disappeared. Maybe it is hiding from us or it has worn itself out. I must find it; I refuse to accept that it no longer exists.


Where is the love of loves? Why can’t we see it or feel it? Where has the meaning of love gone? Have we become so blinded and fooled ourselves with the game of love by saying that it is a convenience? We have lowered ourselves to the emptiness and followed the illusion that has covered our eyes. We have no idea about love. We catch bits and pieces of what was once love and we realize that what we felt was never true love. You just get the sense of it as you take a breath and you know that it has been lost by you for you choose to hide. You live life like everyone else and think that love is about power, greed, control, beauty, material, the unbeliever, and the user. What have our parents taught us about love? It has been lost for so long that only a few have seen it, felt it, and made sense of it. They acknowledge what the true meaning of love is and the sacrifices one makes for it.


You have allowed love to slip away, for you have loved so many times but never felt true love within you. Instead, you play games and gamble with love but that was never real love. You were not willing to learn about that love so you closed your eyes for other things that had nothing to do with love. How sad are you? WAKE UP and surround yourself with the love that matters.


You held me to the wonders of the world, never ever letting go while realizing that the love you offered is the unconditional love of freedom. The smile you have shown me and the warmth I have felt has taught me that no matter where I go your love will always keep me in peace. The warmth of your touch will remind me of the joy of feeling you within me. That love won’t ever die but continue to live until we meet a