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A child wants to be born but before that child comes to earth to fulfill her journey there are things that child must understand.

The questions and answers begin.

Guide: “Child, why do you want to go to earth?”

Child: “Because I feel it’s time and I am ready; I am prepared for this journey.”

Guide: “Do you think you are strong and courageous enough?”

Child: “Yes, I have learned so much while I’ve been here.”

Guide: “Earth is not an easy place to go to. We all need to think before we enter there. Those that have been there before have failed and they continue to fail. You know it’s not easy, for you have been there before and you know that. Yet, you want to go back again so soon?”

Child: “Yes.”

Guide: “Why, my child?”

Child: “Because I feel that this time around I can do better than before. This time, I feel I am much more stronger and courageous than what I was before.”

Guide: “How about if you realize you are not strong or courageous enough?”

Child: “Then I’ll keep going down until I get it right. Isn’t that the purpose?”

Guide: “Yes, my child, it is. Gaining more knowledge and wisdom each time.”

Child: “I must try and believe that I will do much better than the last time I was there.”

Guide: “Child, things are not going to stay the same on earth as you see it now. I see what is coming and I feel their pain and anguish. They are going to go through a lot.”

Child: “What is the difference now?”

Guide: “The difference is that I see the changes the world is going to go through. For those changes can’t be stopped because all they care about is power and money. Do you still want to go down after hearing this?”

Child: “Yes, I do.”

Guide: “Child, are you not afraid?”

Child: “Of course, I am but sooner or later I need to go down to earth. I also have my purpose that I need to complete. You guide all of us for this purpose and you prepare us for our journey as we have all learned our lessons here.”

Guide: “Yes, you all did, but many of you will forget your own purpose and the tools that we sent you down with as well as the lessons that you’ve learned; that will all disappear. Do you think that there is a change for the people on earth?”

Child: “I don’t know for sure. I remember when I was there before, people didn’t want to hear anything. I know I can’t help everyone but the few that I can help, it will be worth it.”

Guide: “You’re right.”

Child: “I just want to try. I am not saying that I can get everyone to hear me but maybe this time, I can get more than before.”

Guide: “People have not changed; they are still the same, no matter what century it is. There are those that repeat the same cycle and those that still refuse to learn. What makes you think you won’t be one of them?”

Child: “I believe this time I can do it. I can’t explain the feeling I feel but I know that this time it will be different.”

Guide: “Remember, those feelings that you have could also disappear in time as you are on earth.”

Child: “Yes, you’re right but I still have to try. That is what is taught to us here before we enter earth; that everything and anything is possible in a positive or negative way. We are the ones that need to choose in time and we must never, ever give up.”

Guide: “Remember, this journey you are taking won’t be easy for you either because you’re going to have many responsibilities for a lot of people who are going to have their doubts and beliefs. It's going to be hard for those that believe something that was taught to them from centuries ago and has been passed on from generation to generation. Everyone holds onto things they believe in.”

Child: “Yes, I see that but they have forgotten how to believe in themselves.”

Guide: “That’s where you come in to show them that their belief wasn’t supposed to be taken away for they forget the most important person and that is themselves. Everyone has forgotten their own purpose.”

Child: “Yes, they have forgotten because when they came to earth they were taught by their parents and society to believe in things other than themselves.They have closed their eyes and blocked their hearing. They have forgotten where they came from and that is sad.”

Guide: “Yes, it is. I ask you, are you ready to be born?”

Child: “Yes, I am ready to be born.”

Guide: “Then let’s get you ready to be born.”

Child: “I am excited. Can I see my new parents?”

Guide: “Yes, but know this, what you see might not be what you think it is.

Child: “Why do you say that?”

Guide: “Because in that world down there, things change all the time. Situations change as well so be prepared.”

Child: “Now I am kind of scared.”

Guide: “That is a good thing then because you might not be caught off guard as you live in that world. Remember this child, when the opportunity arises allow yourself to be open to hear the spirits because many people have let go of the spirits. You will face many challenges; it's up to you to continue being strong and courageous. For we can’t interfere in your life no matter how bad it gets for we give you the tools to deal with whatever comes your way and you must remember those tools. Your prayers will be answered but maybe not to your liking at times or you might think we answered your prayers but be aware from where those answers are coming from because it is not always us. It’s time to say goodbye to everyone here.”

Child: “Will they watch over me?”

Guide: “Yes, they will and at times you’ll feel them and hear their voices.”

Child: “Oh, wow that is great.”

Guide: “Yes, it is but remember you have to be open to know this and hear it.”

Child: “Thank you for teaching me the things I needed to learn from my past lifetimes and for preparing me for this journey.”

Guide: “You’re welcome, my child. Go and say your goodbyes. Everyone comes to see your new birth and they are happy for you. Hurry up; it's getting closer to your birth. I am here. Okay, child, are you ready?

Child: “Yes, I am.”

Guide: “Close your eyes. When you open your eyes again you’ll be in the world.”



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Guide: “It’s time for you to leave.”

Child: “Ok, bye everyone. See you all soon.”

She carried me for nine months and during that time it was nice to be able to go back and forth and still see my family. I was allowed to continue to learn until I was ready for the day of my birth, which is today. Here I go to enter the world.

I must remember the things that are important and the many lessons I was taught. In years to come, many people are really going to forget about themselves and the children on earth more than ever before. People will look elsewhere and to other things like joining cults or religions or whatever intrigues them most. Other people won’t care at all. Meanwhile, everyone has forgotten the most important lesson of all which is that everything they are looking for is and always will be inside of them. For everyone comes with their own tools but we have forgotten all of it ; that is so sad. All of our answers are inside of us but we don’t believe it because we have lost ourselves on this earth. We have never ever acknowledged how important we all are. We all carry knowledge, wisdom, and so much more. We have just forgotten this but those that remember some of it will use it for fame and to make themselves rich off of you; others will use it to hold you back and control you.

Here I go! My mother is pushing me out. Oh wow! I am so cold. What is that light? It is too bright for me. I find myself talking to them but instead I am crying. I am letting them know how I feel but they don’t understand me; why is that? Hey, can you hear me? Every time I move my lips I am crying. What is this? No one hears me or understands me. What is this? No one told me about this. Now I need to find a way for these people to understand me. It took me a while to get it and how to make these humans understand what I needed. My cries have a purpose and meaning but I also have words; they just didn’t get it either or they didn’t try to get it. I spent my months getting familiar with them. I needed to learn their language because they weren’t getting my language at all.

Time flies and here I was at 1 years old. There were many people there that day but I didn’t recognize some of them at all. I just wanted to be in my home and walk around freely. I couldn’t walk the path because there were too many people there and many of them were taking turns carrying me. I tried to reach out to my mother but she didn’t understand that I just wanted to be home. More time went by and I experienced many sad and inappropriate behavior. Growing up wasn’t easy at all; it came with pain, anguish, hurt, tears, anger, hatred, disappointment, cruelty, shame, insecurity, and fear. I felt worthless, stupid, incapable of being someone important, and had no self-esteem. People always made me feel like I didn’t exist; they used me to make themselves feel better and tried to take control of anything and everything. And on top of all this, it came with being sexually abused and raped. I learned all of this growing up; how sad was that? There so many other children that went through worse and that is a bigger sadness because no child should ever start their journey with so much pain and sadness. I could have never ever imagined having the life that I did. You think you’re the only one going through disasters and then you get to realize that so many people have gone through their own tribulations. I got to realize how many cruel people are here on this earth and all the sickness that is being covered up; this sickness that has started from the most powerful people on earth.

Being born on this earth was more than I could have ever expected but never what I actually went through. I was an angry kid and I wanted to get back at everyone who hurt me. I used my rage to fuel me and I was out of control. I wasn’t able to hear what anyone had to say to me and I didn’t want to hear them; I didn’t care who it was.

Guide: “My child, you have forgotten your way. Can you hear me?”

I was just a kid.

Guide: “Have we lost you too? Have you forgotten what you said before you left, my child?”

I was so angry that I lashed out but it was strange because even though I was filled with anger, I didn’t feel good hurting other people and that made me angrier. I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did.

Guide: “Child, there is still a part of you that knows the truth; don’t let it go even though you’re not able to hear me.”

More time passed by and I found myself not knowing anything. I was more confused than ever. I was just a kid and I didn’t understand anything but my feelings.

Guide: “Keep questioning yourself and you will find the answers. Don’t close up now; try to stay open, my child.”

I started to feel sad for some kids in my school who were being picked on and I felt sorry for them so I decided to defend them. Don’t get me wrong, I was scared too but my anger was stronger. These bullies thought it was ok to treat others horribly and it wasn’t. My anger was towards the people who hurt others and I tried to help those that couldn’t help themselves. I was a little thing, skinny with no fighting experience. All I had was my anger and it did scare many kids away from me because they thought I was crazy. It was something about the way I lashed out; I was someone else. I just had this attitude of “I don’t care.” What do you really know when you’re a kid?

Guide: “I am proud of you for helping others but you need to know that is not the way. You can stand up but not with so much anger. Child, can you hear me?”

I started to have dreams and they were nice and peaceful; some people would be talking to me. I heard what they said and the feeling I started to feel was peaceful. I would ask questions and I would receive the answers in my dreams. In the dreams, they would tell me that answers came from many directions and that I needed to be aware. As a child, we don’t understand a lot but it’s like I did understand what was said to me. Then, one day, I suddenly hear a voice and I asked, “Who is that?”

Guide: “My child, it is your friend. I’m here to help you to understand everything that has been going on with you.”



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Guide: “But you still don’t hear me. You have become lost. I told you that people can make you forget the reason and the purpose you chose this journey. Different situations can cause the change in humans.

When these things happen, they lose their memories and they never realize these memories until they are home. Everyone is stuck in their pain and anguish that it becomes a challenge for people to find their answers; it is a challenge for them to find the answers and the tools that has been given to them. That is when the reality of the world collapses and everything starts turning backwards and not forward. They have forgotten it all and all the dreams they had. But we still have hope that you will realize it and come back. You may ask, ‘Why do I have hope?’ Well, it is because as a child you have never ever given up, no matter what was thrown to you in any lifetime; you always found a way to fight back.

We see you and we know what you have gone through but it's up to you to break free. Even though you can’t hear us or feel us, we are with you until you decide otherwise. Child, you have felt pain and have caused others pain but it didn’t make you feel good. You realized that gossiping about others and making them look horrible didn’t heal your pain. On your own, you realized that there is something inside of you which knew that, that behavior wasn’t acceptable. We hear when you pray and ask for forgiveness. We see when you’ve cried and shown your regrets; no one has seen that side of you.

We remember one particular day when you asked a question, ‘My mother hits me everyday when she drinks. Can you make the hurt be a little less?’ In your own darkness, you never asked for her to stop hurting you or asked why she didn’t love you. You only asked if we could make it hurt less. You never really knew who you were praying to or talking to. You always looked at the stars and spoke to them. We knew you were going to be the teacher that you are today because at just a young age you were able to understand things that adults couldn’t understand. People knew that there was something different about you.

You always spoke with knowledge and that was the knowledge that you brought down with you, even though you didn’t know it at the time. At school you couldn’t use that knowledge that they were teaching for you didn’t have that. It wasn’t that you couldn’t learn but there was so much you carried within your world and the responsibility that you had as a child. You were a mother to your mother at a very young age and you were a very emotional child that thought with her heart. As you thought with your heart, you didn’t give time to think with your brain; that came later on in your lessons. You helped others by showing the kind heart that you have. You always asked for help for these people but never for yourself; it was always about others and never about you. You were in pain and hurting but you couldn’t see another human being feel pain and hurt. At just a young age, you understood what they felt.

We have seen it all. We have seen the entire world full of people and children who suffer on earth. Your prayers have always been for others in pain and anguish but never ever about you, even till this day it is still the same. You never ever pretended to be perfect because at an early age you realized that you weren’t. You carried so much insecurities within yourself that we thought you were going to explode. You were a child that was into everything and anything, a nosey one to a fault. You wanted to know everything and anything and you wanted to learn more about the people in the world than going to school and learning from books. School was never your strength at all.

Your school was the people in the world for that became your expertise. You hang around people who always knew things that you didn’t know and you learned from them. You didn’t want to stop learning. You wasn’t ever afraid to learn and you continued to learn everyday, even though you were going through your hardships. You also learned how to laugh at your own pain and darkness; you found your way.

You were eight years old when you started to realize certain things and as you got older you realized much more. You went to Puerto Rico in the summer as a child and you looked forward to it even though there was still hardships there. You managed to make it enjoyable. We spoke to you but you still didn’t hear our voices until you wanted to die. You ate a plant that wasn’t good and though it didn’t make you die, it did give you a stomachache. You even laughed at that because you said, ‘I can ever make that happen.’ We were sad and yet you made us laugh.

You just have a way about you. Even though people were in their own darkness, you were never afraid to go through theirs. You tried so many times to help your mother so she may stop drinking but it always failed.

Let’s go back to when you first heard the voice. Do you remember? Think about it and answer the question.”

Child: “I always said I was eight or nine.”

Guide: “You were ten. Do you remember what you were doing at the time?”

Child: “No.”

Guide: “You were at the river washing clothes. I called you by your name and you turned. I said to you, ‘Don’t be afraid of my voice and,”

Child: “And I said, ‘I am not afraid. Who are you and where are you?’”

Guide: “‘You can’t see me,’ I replied, but you could hear me and you started to laugh.”




Guide: “‘You can’t see me,’ I replied, but you could hear me, and you started to laugh. As I was talking to you, I saw that you weren’t scared but the more we kept communicating I noticed that you were so tough for a young girl. I saw that there was a lot of work to be done with you.

It took years for you to become free of your pain, anger, and sorrows. You were hard-headed and you stood your ground. We understood it, for you didn’t believe in any human beings; there was still work to do.

Lessons began and you were just a feisty child. You made fun of everyone including yourself. You had a way of looking at life that brought more attention to you; people couldn’t pinpoint it. You were so kind to people that it didn’t matter what their status was. They could have been drugs addicts, prostitutes, gay, alcoholics or just normal people but you were always kind. You just understood them, and you defended them to others while you were being judged for having an alcoholic mother. You carried so much pain inside, but no one saw it. They just saw a quiet kid that people could take advantage of. Yet, you kept smiling and laughing. You also loved to dance; that was another way out for you and an outlet that you brought with you. You made those around you laugh; you just had that gift. You have never ever forgotten where you came from. You always wanted to learn more each time, even if you didn’t understand it at times, but eventually you caught on. You carried compassion wherever you went even though you were still in pain. You always thought that there were kids in worst situations than you who were suffering. You never felt sorry for yourself and till this day you're still the same. You didn’t make it easy on us, either.

The lessons we were about to give you wasn’t going to be easy. We knew that you would have to realize that you made mistakes. Now you needed to face it and that wasn’t easy for you because you didn’t want to be seen as a person who caused pain. There was no excuse either, no matter how you felt at the time. You had to realize that the life you had wasn’t what you expected. You had to learn that there were people who were cruel and hateful and that these people had no understanding of their own lives. You had to see how so many people continue making the same mistakes and don’t learn from them. You had to learn how there are so many kids crying for help in their sufferings and how many will die because of people’s misery and anger. You had to see how many kids will suffer under those circumstances? You saw the war that was heading your way. You always saw farther than the other children. You started to see things though you couldn’t see it for yourself and because of that you made mistakes. In time, you allowed yourself to learn from those mistakes. There was always something preparing you for your journey even though, at one moment, we thought you were going to be in the world.

As you were learning, you caught on fast but when it came down to learning more about yourself, it took time. You were doing good. Remember when you left the spiritual world to see the world out there because you wanted to see what you were missing? You realized in time that there was nothing you were missing, and people were like robots, as they still are today. You were disappointed but you still learned. During those couple of years, you didn’t hear our voices because we wanted you to see things on your own which in time you did. Then you returned to your lessons. Years passed by and everything was good but then tragedy occurred when your son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of six.

You learned that he would become your master which was something you would have never thought. For it was his time to teach you and he taught you so much. He shared with you more about the spirits and showed you their world; this journey was the most difficult one you had to face. When you looked at the stars at night you would ask that your son wouldn’t suffer, and you would ask for the strength and courage you needed to accept what was to come. You never asked for him to be cured and continue living because you knew already that whatever was meant to be will be. You also believed that it wasn’t that you weren’t getting your answers but that he was going to die even though the doctors said he would be fine. You didn’t believe in asking for his life because you understood something that many didn’t understand; you knew he was going to die. This was something that wasn’t easy at all, but you needed to be in the reality of it all and you also knew that it was meant to happen. That was the hardest thing to deal with, but you faced reality and made no excuses.

You fought to keep him alive as long as it was possible, and you never felt pity. Instead, you made him stronger which helped him to last longer than what was excepted. That journey you took was the worst and yet you had compassion for the parents that were facing the same journey as your child. Many of their children had brain cancer or other types of cancer. We welcomed many of our children back so soon. Losing a child is never easy. Do you remember telling this to a woman that lost her child?

She said to you, ‘My daughter died in a car accident. I know how you feel losing a child for I also lost mine.’ You told her, ‘No, I don’t know how you feel because you lost your only child. I still have two children left.’ She looked at you and couldn’t understand what you just told her. At first, she was confused and then she realized that what you said was so true. It took her awhile to connect with what you told her. She reached out and hugged you and kissed you. She was amazed that you told her that. She said to you, ‘Thank you for seeing that and for letting me know that there is a difference. Thank you,’ and then she left. You also told this same message to your best friend who had also lost her only son in a fire. When someone loses their only child it's not the same as you losing your child. Every death is different, and everyone responds differently. You believed that those deaths were more painful than the one you experienced. For that is the way you felt but you took the time to see it for what it was and that takes strength and courage to accept it too.

You were still learning and growing and allowing yourself to see things more and understand more of your lessons. You were able to hear clearly and feel things and the people around you. You got to know their world and understand it which was important because then you could help them for every human being was different and their world was also different. You learned how to deal with each and every one of them. We knew that it wasn’t going to be easy for you either and that you were going to go through a lot of tribulations for human beings are stuck in their own ways. Many of them believe in so many things but they never ever believe in themselves. Other people will question your teachings, and some will use it to their advantage. Others will laugh and call you names and there are those that always run away from everything and can’t face the truth. You understand that because you have been there before you gave up and surrendered yourself. Answer me, what do you think you have done to this point in your journey? What have you gained?”

Child (as an adult): “I have followed my journey and I have not allowed anyone to take me away from it. I have gained more wisdom and knowledge than I could ever ask for. I learn from all of my students for they also carry messages. I also learned that humans have lost themselves and given themselves to the world but have never given anything to themselves. I learned how many people are afraid to see the truth and how they continuing to hide and run away. Everyone is prepared to spend money on knowledge, but they don’t realize that they carry knowledge and wisdom already inside of themselves. They don’t see how amazing they are.”

Guide: “Yes, you’re right but don’t forget that your job is to teach those that don’t want to learn and help those that think they have it all figured out. I see your students are taking action in what they need to do but do they get it? Do they think they get it? Your lessons take a long time and other lessons come quickly but your lessons never came quickly, right?

Me: “No, they didn’t, and I am still learning.”

Guide: “You’re right but let's go to the lessons that you didn’t want to face. I want you to remember why you chose to continue this journey? What is so important about the journey you are taking? There are people who don’t consider you to be who you are. I hear people asking you, ‘Where did you get your degree in spirituality?’ I have seen people reading everything you write, and they like it but they still run away and some still hold onto their pride and ego. It’s not about the truth of someone else, it's about the truth within them; that's what you deal with all the time. How does that make you feel as a teacher?”

To be continued…