A Child to his Mother/Father


I was a foolish kid. I look back at the things I’ve done to you and how much I lied to you and make you go through changes. But I finally understand because now I have a child of my own. Everything I put you through I couldn't see at the time for I was in my world. I am sorry for taking you for granted. If I could go back in time I would have made it better for you. It has taken me a long time to get here because of my ignorance. I remember the times I made you cry and worry about me. All the pain I caused you not knowing how much you sacrificed for me; I learned so much from you. I get to see the agony in me. I know it was part of growing up but I didn’t know that it was causing you so much pain. Now that I am grown, I understand but the suffering I made you go through can’t ever be forgotten and for that I am so ashamed.

You have taught me how be a better parent because you never ever let go and you stood there to make sure I followed the right path when I made it difficult and hard for you. You loved me unconditionally even when you were in pain with tears rolling down your face because of me. Now that I know better, I want to share my love to you and wipe all the tears I have caused you by showing how much I appreciate you and the love I have gained through you. For you are my number one in my life and world. Your love is so powerful that it has taught me how to share it with my own child. For I will love her unconditionally which is not as easy to do seeing what you went through with me. I never ever knew that you could love a child that much. I love you for loving me as much as you have and standing beside me all this time even when I was a bad kid. I am embarrassed as I look at your face and see the reflection on your face as I see myself. You made sure that I learned from my mistakes even when I didn’t want to hear it; you made sure I returned to the things that were of value. Nothing was more important to you than me. I became the person I am today because of you.

You made me realize you should never ever give up on your child no matter how hard or difficult it gets for every breath you took it was all about me. Now I want you to rest for this is your time for me to watch over you and take care of you. Just as you have watched over me. For my time will come with my child and hopefully, by never ever giving up on my child, they will gain the wisdom and knowledge you have passed down to me. Hopefully, when my child becomes a parent they will be able to pass the lessons on. Hopefully, my child will discover what I did with you.