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Use Me

Look at me. I am closer than you think even though you might be surprised, but here I am seeing your tears run down your face while you’re going through a difficult moment with the one you love. Can you use my shoulder to cry on? Let me be the one you hold on to. Just use me so I can console you. In reality, all I want to do is kiss your lips and hold on to you. I was once the man you loved even though your love belongs to someone new. As your tears run down your face, use my shirt to wipe them away. Let me be the one to stop those tears. I know I have no right to console you since I have also made you cry at one time.

I did you wrong. I see now that is was foolish on my part and seeing you cry for someone else tears my heart apart. Pretend that I am him and let me comfort you. Use me in any way you want. Tell me what you need from me. Let me hold you. Don’t push me away; I am here for you. Can’t you see I still love you though I have no right to do so since you’re with someone else. Take my body and soul. I am letting you know I am here. Look at my eyes and see the truth. Let me be the one you turn to when you’re in pain. Please, use me. Hold on to me. Please, use me. I just want to hold you and feel the warmth of your body that I have missed so much. Please, use me, please. Even though I know that at the end you’ll go back to him. Don’t walk away from me. Can’t you see that I am also suffering for not having you in my life even though I’m the one that walked away from you. Now I feel the pain you felt. Don’t walk away from me. PLEASE, USE ME.

Written by Guru Enlightment

Edited by Spiritual Breeze