I lost myself in this life and I didn’t know which way to go. Everyone shared their ideas, but I realized that I didn’t have my own strength and power for I lived in the darkness and I didn’t see what I was capable of. I needed to face my own pain and find myself. There were times I wanted to give up and turn back into the darkness because it was easy to do that. To be in the light takes a lot of work and you have to realize who and what you are. I decided to go through the pain and find the real me, not the version that people and society told me, but the me that I found within myself. I found my purpose which I needed to find within me. I wasn’t born to be broken into pieces. I was born to put myself together, to put pieces of my life together and become whole within me. I was given strength, courage, and the tools to find my way, but I chose to lose the journey that I was supposed to take. Now I am ready to take that journey and to do that, I must look at my pain and make a clean break. I have been lying to myself for years and now it is time. No more living in that world. No more! I need to live in the reality that is here. YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE NOT TO OR YOU CHOOSE NOT TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH WITHIN YOU, BUT LIVE IN YOUR OWN WORLD.

Written by Guru Enlightment

Edited by Spiritual Breeze