Here you will find out about who I am and my purpose

“I’m here to fulfill my journey which is to help those that need guidance within their lives and show them their truth. I help them deal with this negative world and with their relationships in every aspect of life so that they can find peace, comfort, love, laughter, and joy. We all came into this earth with so many gifts and the first ones that were given to us was compassion, understanding, forgiveness, kindness humbleness, love, courage, power, confidence, self-esteem, truth, helpfulness, and knowing that we matter; we have a purpose to fulfill.  As these gifts were given to us so was the word choice and we all had the choice to use these gifts in a positive way but many of us use it to get over, hurt, judge, condemn, prosecute, criticize, hate, abuse, lie, and be angry. Let’s change that and become a better YOU.” 

Guru Enlightment

Guru Enlightment answers questions regarding who she is and what she does. Get close and personal with Guru Enlightment.