We have walked on this land centuries and centuries ago.

We have seen the beauty of this land that colors cannot describe it.

As we have walked in this land.

There are those that have destroyed it.

There are those that cannot understand what this land is made of how special it is how blessed it is.

I have walked from century to century as I seen the beauty of this land like I see it for what it is today.

You have no clue at all of what human beings have done to this land

For everything is about money

I have walked thousands and thousands of miles and seen my land be destroyed


We have suffered a great deal in our world, something that you may never understand

As I stay in this land to protect what we can, there are those that are still trying to destroy it 

The birds in the clouds fly feeling the air but still the stars are being destroyed  

We have always come in peace, the white man all they want is to take our land away from us as they have

We have been torn apart in so many ways that again you will not be able to understand how we felt seeing death all over in our land


As you lay down and focus on the stars to build your energies many of us have done before you, we have respected the earth as we respect the stars and the moon.

I come here to see those that can make connections with us so I can tell a story so I can let them know that they have lost sight within their lives for what’s really important

Right here right now is what matters.

The freedom to lay down,

The freedom to look at the stars

The freedom to breathe

The freedom of will, power those are so free and we don’t need those words

I have walked thousands of miles to be where I’m at and I can’t leave this land because it is my home and I am here to protect it to those that want to destroy it


The earth is precious as the land is precious, the grass is precious.  The precious land that carry the color of beauty, which you forget how to look at it. 

 The trees are precious, everything you see around you is precious and if you can see and feel these things around you that are precious then that also says that you are precious because we come from the land and we go back to the land it’s not the womb that we come from but it’s from the earth that has brought us it is the choices that we have made to come to this earth to connect with the earth but we choose to connect with things that serves no purpose to us.


I say to you open your eyes, see the beauty that is right in front of you, embrace it and hold it for it’s free, breathe the air, smell the air for it’s free

As I look upon the stars and I see the sadness of death of those that have past away, have never known the meaning of the stars, just like they don’t know the meaning of the moon

We worry so much about the world that we forget about our land and the beauty that it has to give us


We spit on it, we dirty it and we spoiled it by putting chemicals, where the trash carries the smell of death not knowing if you’re going to be next to one.  When one is ignorant it shows that they have not learned and for those that are awakened shows that you can learn and grow.  

The only things that you should fear is yourself the moment you give it to the world it will swallow you the same way our land was swallowed away.  They took everything that we had and it destroyed us.  Our wives, our sons, our daughters our grandparents, our mothers and fathers.


We lived in peace for so many years and so much centuries until they came to take our land away.

They didn’t take it for food or for gold, that’s not why they took our land.

They took our land because they discovered that we knew that a god existed.

A god that came from the sky and came and taught us and gave us lessons.

When they realized that, that’s when they started punishing us and killing us as well as our children and In time we tried to fight back they made us drink until we became drunks and no one was able to believe our stories but laugh at us and criticize and spit on us.

When it happened to us we were destroyed we didn’t know where to go we didn’t know what we could do to make ourselves better.


They wanted us to believe in their god, but many of us couldn’t because we saw the god from the sky and they taught us that the earth is gold that the earth has blessings

That the earth will feed you

That the earth will take care of you

As the trees will cover you from the rain and from the snow and from the cold

As the grass will grow to bring you comfort as you lay down on the grass.

As you touch the water and cleanse yourself and jump up for joy knowing that, that cleansing is making you feel good within your body, within your skin

I have walked thousands and thousands of miles and no one would ever know how much we suffered and in your world you still feed them.

They still hold control of you and you all allowed it

They kill in front of your faces

They steal in front of your faces and you still believe and you still listen just like we did

They destroyed us little by little and they succeeded

Where I have held my children in my hands and seen the blood floating from their head

As I have seen so many children in this world still suffering and you look upon yourselves and you see all you got, but it is not enough.


How do you hold a child that blood is draining, coming out of their body as the body sticks to your hands and to your clothes how do you say goodbye to your children

To your grandchildren because people have become greedy and selfish within their lives, the world has not changed it’s still the same it’s just the stories are different but they end the same


This is my land; this is where I come to see the waters how it flows how it goes and still is not the same as it was back then water is dark and full of sadness.

I look around me and see there are so many trees missing

How much they have destroyed and they continue to destroy


As you lay here looking at the stars building energy and hoping that the energy that you gain will enlighten you to your light to see what’s around you

It’s funny how people talk about our tribes and how many different stories the world tells, but they never tell the truth

It wasn’t us that cut scalps, it was the white man who did that to us and to our children because they felt that they have accomplished and succeeded in killing us, “the savages”, they called us.  They took our women and put them to be whores and our children to be slaves.

I have nothing to show for it, nor does the rest of my tribe

But that spirit of the sky will return and it will set us free

You have the power that we did not have for we lived very simple

And your tribes know more then what we did

Fight back in this world don’t allow them take away from you

From you, from your children, your grandchildren

I have walked a thousand miles to get here and there is nothing for me to show you

Every time I awaken I see the scenery changing more and more and I am disappearing

I have been here too long but I can’t let go, but as everything is disappearing I know my time will come to disappear too, as my tribe surrounds me I see them further and further away.


Enlightment, I want to thank you for allowing my message to go through, so they can understand the suffering my people have suffered.  I have walked thousands and thousands of miles to be here and bury my children as I have carried them to the land to bury them so that their spirits can go in peace and come back again, just like you have come back.  I have missed you and I hope that as I fade away that I will see you again.


The land cries

The water cries

The tree cries and I cry. Look upon the stars and take what you can and learn from them for they are always messages in the stars and in the moon as we have done in our century.

I have walked a thousand miles to be where I am at today and I walk a thousand miles back to rest my body.  I will send you your gift, embrace it and take the message. Soon I will see you.

I have walked a thousand miles to get where I am at and now I must walk a thousand miles to go back.

It’s time to let go and I know I must for they wait for me to go back home.  So I say not goodbye but as you say I see you soon in our tribe.