Believe in Yourself

When we find difficulties explaining current situations we ask ourselves, ‘what should I say to ease that person’s loss?’ We feel that there are no answers in understanding the things that happen to us or others. How can I cope with something like this especially when I don’t believe in anything? 


It’s not about believing in anything; it's about believing in yourself; it doesn’t matter what happens to us or others. It’s a fact that shit is going to happen. We live in a society that is losing their children. Considering how this world is conducting themselves we might as well expect this shit to happen. Everyone is losing themselves one way or another. All of these killings, rape victims, physical abuse, mental abuse, wars, drunk drivers, fires. There are kids killing each other and babies being killed by cruel and miserable human beings. They are children starving in this world.


When you look at how our world is filled with so much negativity, what is there to believe in? There are people that believe that the Higher Power will fix this. While others ask, ‘why does the Higher Power allow these things to happen?’ Or, ‘why me?’ The Higher Power has nothing to do with what is happening; it is the fault of the people who run this country. The Higher Power has no control over our actions; we forget that we have freedom of choice. People also believe that the world is going to end therefore we are suffering through all of this. People can’t think because they’re too into society. They are too busy getting high or too drunk to notice. There are people too angry to feel, too blind to see, or the few that just don’t give a fuck.


While all of this is happening, who will give a fuck for our children of tomorrow? We bury our heads in the ground and choose not to see things. What people are interested about is what kind of car they are buying? What kind of house are they buying? How much money are they going to make? This guy/girl is so fine. Are they skinny or fat? Everything is about the outside, to hell with what’s inside; I don’t have time. It’s all about what society dictates to us; they tell us how we should live, the way we should look, and what kind of material things we should have. I keep forgetting that we can’t think for ourselves.


I want to know why are there children starving all over the world? Society doesn’t give a fuck; see things for what they are. Believe in yourself and believe in what you see. What are you going to do? Are you willing to make a difference?


Life is fucked up for those that don’t have much because the little bit of money they make goes to their rent and food. Until this government collapses we are all going to suffer but we’ll suffer even more when it finally does fall. What we are going through is nothing compared to what’s about to come. It’s important that you all believe in yourselves for that is something that no one can take away from you. No one can control you. I say this again, it is not about you believing in anything; it is about what you see.



It is about having courage and strength to make things happen even if it’s just a little bit it makes a difference. Everyone starts with a small step. Just as simple as putting a smile on your face or somebody else’s face. Don’t be an asshole, take responsibility for your own actions, care for the person next to you, help those you can, be compassionate, and be understanding. Don’t be hard-head or allow your pride and ego to affect you. Pride and ego doesn’t make you, you make it so let it go and get rid of it.


Why is it when holidays come around everyone wants to give? Why do we have to wait for holidays to show our hearts? What happened to the rest of the year? That shit pisses me off. Everyone finds their heart at that time of the year. The rest of the year it goes back in a box until is time to resurface; the hell with that. I also dislike people who do things because they believe that by doing a good deed for someone they’re going to be blessed. Are you serious? You are already blessed, fool. Come on now, grow up. Weren’t you given a heart to feel for yourselves and others? I like the people that use it for their benefits. Or the people who wait until they are dying to realize that they should of or could of done certain things. I know I want to finish what I started before my time is up; having no regrets by following my journey.



This society stinks and all around the world; the governments stink. Don’t say you’re here to help the people when it reality you’re here to help your pockets and the pockets of rich assholes. While the people who work hard to make a decent living are living in fear of losing their jobs. What a horrible way to live. Some people will step on each others toes just to make things work out for them. The rent is going to keep rising; what do you think is really going to happen? Come on, Think. It’s not about being afraid, it’s about seeing. This government owes money to other countries and instead of letting the rich pay for it, they take it from the hard working people.


STOP THE WAR! Or do we REALLY owe money? Do we question that? Are we satisfied with their answers? People might say to me, ‘read the newspapers. Be aware of the news then maybe you’ll find out that we do owe money.’ Well, guess what? I stopped believing in the news because no one tells the truth; stop being ignorant.


Stop trying to find a planet where you believe might have life on it and fix the one you are destroying. It is just like humans to feel the need to find a solution somewhere else instead of dealing with it where you are and in time. All you do is take the problems with you and just add more to it; it never ever gets fixed.


Like I have said many times before, fucked up things happen but it is what it is. Could I have changed it? Could it have been avoided? If I had seen it sooner could I have made a difference? I wish I wasn’t hard-head. I wish I could turn back the clock. I wish I didn’t let my pride and ego get in the way. We start remembering the last words we said to that person who died. Were they mean? We blame ourselves for everything. We could go around and around and still come back to the same answers.


There are things that can not be avoided as much as we wish it could. Fucked up shit happens and all we can do is allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel so that we may heal. Learn from the experiences and don’t let that death be a waste. Learn from it and learn from the person that left this earth. Simply by making yourself a better human being, allowing yourself to grow, and seeing what that person left for you to learn; for the first time see what’s inside of you.  


We face many tribulations and perhaps there is more to come but that is why we need to believe in ourselves. We need to become courageous and strong so we may be able and ready to deal with what will come into our lives. Allow yourself to grow and trust in thyself with all the gifts that has been given to you before you entered this earth; search within you to find the answers.


Find the beauty, peace, love, and all the wonderful wisdom and knowledge you hold within thyself. Enjoy your life, no one says you can’t but just take time to see what is real and don’t allow the illusions to trap you. It’s about the person trying to find out who they are, what they are, and their purpose in the world. Don’t give up on yourself; find the right way to go about things whether it’s with yourself or others.