Happiness is what you make of it. Does happiness exist? Yes, it does. Does it exist all the time? Well, in some funny way it does. You see, we have the power to make it happen. Even death has a moment of happiness. When someone passes away it’s a sad thing but when we gather to remember the moments of happiness we shared with that person; we laugh and cry, those are happy times.


Happiness is all around you it’s up to you to see it by recognizing it. We rather see the sadness in ourselves than the happiness that is there. In the world there is only sadness and negativity all around us. We make these things happen, bad or good. The world hits us HARD and at times we rather give up than fight back for what makes us feel good inside. We allow the people in the world to destroy us; something that we are great in doing. When do we choose to open our eyes?


We give in too easy and choose to stay in the darkness of our own sadness; I have a problem with this. Shit happens in this world but there are also things that are good. However, we focus more in the bad than the good. We lose hope within ourselves and feel we are not worthy of that happiness. We have so much happiness in us but we don’t acknowledge it because of our fears and insecurities.


We want to be miserable because we chose to be hard-head. We don't let go of pride and ego and allow it to get in the way. We deny these things because we allow the brain to function that way. We allow the brain to tell us, 'please be miserable.' We are in control of our brain and how it’s supposed to think but we just give up. Why work for happiness or positivity, right? Shit, it takes too much work to be there. I prefer being happy and positive all the time. It takes me where I need to be; into a peaceful place surrounded in a world of laughter and joy. Since I love to laugh and have a sense of humor that is where I would be the happiest. I LOVE IT! I LOVE WHEN I AM HAPPY! WHEN I FEEL SAD I SAY, 'OK YOU'RENOT GOING TO LAST TOO LONG HERE SO LETS GET RID OF YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.' BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, IT’S OUT. I DEAL WITH WHAT I HAVE TO AND LET IT GO. I MAKE MYSELF FEEL GOOD AGAIN.


The world and the people in it are cruel but I let them fly over me. I deal with it and then let it go. I have no time to hang on to things. There is more time forhappiness in my life than cruelty. I am always ready for the negative, ready todeal with it, find solutions, and let it go. We need to be ahead of it especially when it sneaks up on us. We need to be strong and wise for it likesto see us crumble and lose control. Its purpose is so we could stay in the negative. Darkness carries a lot of power much like that negative feeling.


Leave me in the light anytime but that is what I choose. Feeing happiness is where our hearts should be. We should be feeling the wonders of life and looking athow great we are as people. We should be willing to share the gifts we come with. How can we not be happy and share all that was given to us, as well as the LOVE & PEACE?


There is not a person in this world that hasn't gone through some devastation in their lives but it all depends on how you choose to COME OUT of it. Either it will break you or make you stronger, you decide which way to go. Remember what I said, shit happens. Life is all about our ups and downs, no one gets away with it.  Some life lessons are very extreme, painful, and hurtful to the point of no return. You can’t let that happen no matter how devastating it is. When the sadness and pain wither away we hold onto the memories. Everything we go through comes with the lessons we need to learn. Many of us choose not to learn from it. We might ask, 'why do lessons have to be that hard?' Well, because you choose to learn the hard way. What if you lose someone in a car accident or they are killed; does that serve a purpose? NO! But we should still learn from the loved ones that leave us.


For their lives meant a great deal to us and we should honor them by making our own lives right. We have no control of what happens in this world. We just have tofind a way to cope with it and it's not easy. They left lessons for us and we should find them within ourselves. It doesn’t mean we won’t find happiness. We can find it, it will just take time but it will be there when you are ready. Death is just a transition to the other side.


Happiness will always be there just like love, it won’t go anywhere unless you decide that it shouldn’t be apart of your life any longer. I have gone through shit in my life but I wouldn't want to give up on happiness or love even if it's just with me, myself, and I. Come on, now lets not go there and stop being hardhead or allowing pride and ego to get in the way. Stop being pitiful, surrounding yourself with sorrow or choosing to be pathetic.


I have students who have nothing or have lost loved ones but are still happy with their lives. They learned how to be happy though when they first met me they thought that I was crazy. Which is cool to have a little crazy in you as long as it’s positive. I find happiness and laughter with my children, my students, and myself. I find it while watching t.v and the news. I also find laughter and happiness when I run into people that make me laugh or hear the jokes my students share about me. They make fun of the things I do or how Ispeak and I think that is awesome. I have many things that make me laugh and feel happy, I couldn’t ask for any more. I am so grateful but know this, I make it my business to be happy and positive by being with people who want the same things. Just as you choose to be with negative I choose to be with positive. Remember we all have choices it’s up to us to go where we need to be.