The Child that Got Away Part 4

"No one wants to see the truth. We are all responsible for every child on this earth. As parents and as an adult, we should help these kids. They are lost, afraid, and confused; that’s why it is important to find out who you are so that you may be able to help those children."-Spirit


"I still don’t trust adults, they never show their true self for they wear a mask all the time. They think they know best when in reality they need to fix their own issues. Many of them are in denial, just as we, children, are in denial. We are all messed up, we know we are but the adults keep hiding theirs all the time. I don’t want to be like them I want to become better. Don’t teach me what you haven’t learned yourself yet. You might have gone to school to get a degree and become educated but that doesn’t say anything to me. It doesn’t matter that similar situations have occurred in our lives because we are still two different people." -Teenager


"What I see with parents is that they try to be friends with their children. You’re not here to be their friend, you’re here to be their parents. They will always keep secrets from you no matter what. You need to trust that your children will know what is best and that they will make the right decisions." -Spirit


"Believe me, I know this for sure. I am becoming a young adult at a very young age. I know I still have so much to learn, that much I do know. I can see these things happening around me but here I am trying to understand it all. I find myself getting more confused and not understanding what is the truth. What hope is there for all these children and myself?" -Teenager


"As I said, being your guide isn’t easy. You’re special for you see more than the average adults, that is what I have been told." -Spirit


"But what use does that do to me when no one wants to hear me? Sometimes I wonder why I chose to come to this earth. These lessons that I am learning is causing me so much anguish." -Teenager


To be continued...