The Child that Got Away Part 5

“I see how the world is getting worse and I see what men and women have done to themselves. They are losing themselves, they don’t know which way to go or where they belong. They think they find the answers only to realize that it wasn’t where they thought they should have gone.

There are some women and men that put their relationships and careers before their own children. They put their children aside and don’t really realize the harm they are doing to them.” -Spirit


“The first women I ever loved, my mother, turned her back on me and my father couldn’t care less. I have seen parents put themselves first. From then on everyone that has come into my life is a waste. They all said they wanted to help me but all they did was take advantage of me. Adults can be very cruel and hurtful so I have to learn to trust myself. I don’t want to be in the dark but I have to because it makes me stronger and tougher. That’s the only way I can survive.” -Teenager


“You think you're cool but you're not.” -Spirit


“How do you think I am going to survive in this place? There are worse kids in here than me. The system does not care and even the people that work with us do not care. Those that do care will sooner or later get tired because the system doesn’t want to back them up so the majority of them give up.” -Teenager

To be continued…