The Child that Got Away Part 8

“The only way that I can help you remember is for me to continue speaking to you.” -Spirit

“Stop confusing me, that’s all you do.” -Teenager

“I am not trying to confuse you. I just want you to realize where you are and where you really need to be.” -Spirit

“Why? Why haven’t you left yet?” -Teenager

“Because I am here to help you.” -Spirit

“You’re not helping me at all.” -Teenager

“That is because you don’t want to hear anything. You feel safe and sound with where you are right now.” -Spirit

“Yes, I do and I don’t want to be bothered anymore.” -Teenager

“But you’re not dealing with your issues or helping yourself by staying here. You won’t grow or learn.” -Spirit

“That is ok with me. I feel fine and I like being here. Just leave and leave me alone and go back to where you came from. How about that?” -Teenager

“Your mother came to see you to tell you she had a boyfriend.” -Spirit

“Did you ask her when she will be taking me back?” -Teenager

“Your mother told you to hang in there. She said that in two more years you’ll be 18 and you can leave this place and live your life.” -Spirit

“You want me to go back to what really? Is that supposed to make me happy and yell out for joy? Just stop. Stop. No more. I can’t take no more of this. Just let me go. I’ve been raped by strangers, by the world, and by my own mother. You still want me to forgive them? It’s too painful for just one person to deal with. I am not as strong as you think I am. Damn it, understand that I am just a kid not an adult.” -Teenager

“I really do understand.” -Spirit

“No you don’t. Stop telling me you understand because you have no idea.” -Teenager

“Tragedy happens and it’s painful, hurtful, and dramatic. Many of these tragedies are out of our control. You can’t take it and make it worse neither and use it as an excuse to make everything in your life negative.” -Spirit

“How can you take a tragedy and make it positive? Really? What is your problem? Are we supposed to jump up and say, 'hey it’s ok if people fuck us up! Shit, just turn it into positive?' Just like that? Yeah right.” -Teenager

“No, I am not saying that. What I am saying is that shit happens but we all should find ways to deal with the pain and our anguish. We should find ways to learn how to let go so that we don’t become prisoners in our own lives. We will miss out on so much of this life that was given to us. We should not allow that to happen. We must pick ourselves up and continue to go forward and make something out of ourselves. This system and the people in it will always test you and take things away from you but you have to learn to be ahead of it. That way you’ll see that you’re still in control. Don’t hide from the truth. No one said it’s easy but we have to confront our pain and hurt.” -Spirit

“There is nothing waiting for me but misery. You know that and I know that. Again, I am not as strong as you think I am.” -Teenager

“Yes, you are.” -Spirit

“No, I am not. My mother didn’t even come to see me, not even once.” -Teenager

“What are you talking about? I told you she comes by.” -Spirit

“Well, I didn’t see her.” -Teenager

“Ask yourself why.” -Spirit

“Here you go again with your riddles. Just be straight out and say it.” -Teenager

“No, you need to see it for yourself and realize it on your own. All mothers are different, they all react differently.” -Spirit

“No shit. You’re not helping me here at all, you’re just making it worse. There is no excuse for any mother to be the way they are. Why become a mother if you’re not ready to be one?” -Teenager

“Hear me out please. Things are complicated in the world as it is especially for mothers and fathers. There are many parents that don’t really know what kind of parents they are going to be.” -Spirit

“That is no excuse. Why are you protecting their actions?” -Teenager

“I am not. I am just saying that everyone has a story to tell.” -Spirit

“So do we, I am not excusing anyone. Look, I just don’t care. To me, there is no excuse.” -Teenager

“You need to understand why there are mothers that make mistakes. They are mothers that cover their children’s secrets for the wrong reasons. They lie for them.” -Spirit

To be continued…