The Child that Got Away Part 2

“You're nothing to me. Nothing! I am my own boss. I know how to use the system. I know how to use you. I tell you what you want to hear. I know when to be nice and I know when I can be a bitch. I know how to get over. You think that I'm that stupid I'm going to let you think you help me but in reality I'm taking you for a long ride with me. When you decide to wake up you’re going to realize that I used you. Hahahaha! Tell me what is it that you have to say? You can't tell me anything. There isn’t a damn thing that you can tell me.” -Teenager   

“My answer to you is that you're absolutely correct. We could pretend that I did my job and ride it off. I guess you decided to overlook everything that I can do for you. You might think you’re getting over with some people but not everyone is that blind either. In reality you’re doing more harm to yourself than you realize. Just like there are people who do not care about you there will be people who do care enough to help you and be there for you. The only way you’re going to see who is worth it or not is by seeing it yourself and know who is willing to help you. If you decide to play your games the one that will lose hundred percent is you and only you.” -Spirit

To be continued...